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Archives for: July 2009

Brisbane Film festival invites Salesian into jury

  10:01:11 am, by SDB   , 250 words  

BRISBANE: 30th July 2009 The Brisbane International Film Festival, which began today, 30th July, in that city, the capital of the Australian State of Queensland, has gained worldwide interest, and even a little notoriety, given its decision to screen… more »

Canlubang Seminary launches Blog

  08:51:02 am, by admin   , 194 words  

CANLUBANG: 27th July 2009 Young people are out there in cyberspace and so are our aspirants and prenovices in the Philippine North Province. Yesterday, Filipino-Missions Sunday, Don Bosco Seminary, Canlubang, launched its blog entitled "plunge into… more »
ROME: 26th July 2009 "Beauty is truth, truth beauty" wrote John Keats, "That is all ye know on earth and all ye need to know". Two of the most celebrated and discussed lines of poetry, that one finds in his Ode on a Grecian Urn. more »
Indulgenza plenaria durante il pellegrinaggio dell’Urna con la reliquia di Don Bosco Prot. N. 344/09/I BEATISSIMO PADRE, Francesco Maraccani, Procuratore Generale della Società di San Francesco di Sales, a nome del Rettor Maggiore, Pascual Chávez… more »


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Así es hermanos. En Argentina sentimos ya su presencia a tres días antes de su llegada a Río Grande. Es que el Rector Mayor nos ha informado el 11 de julio los nombres de los dos nuevos Padres Inspectores de las futuras inspectorías Argentina Norte y Argentina… more »

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