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Archives for: September 2009

Passion and determination

  02:48:14 pm, by Castilino   , 175 words  

The liturgical significance of the day is an interesting one. On the one hand today is the feast of St Jerome, the one who made the Bible available to a wider group and on the other hand, in the first reading of the day we see Nehemiah asking his king… more »
APIA: 30th September 2009 Fr Petelo Vito Pau, the Rector of the Salesian community centre located near Apia, the capital of Samoa, reports that "all confreres are safe from the earthquake" and the tsunami that struck on 29th September, causing… more »

Frontpage for friends

  03:35:50 pm, by admin   , 262 words  

KEP PROVINCE (Cambodia): 27th September 2009 And you thought Frontpage was dead! Well, my friends, think again. MS Frontpage died in 2006, but the Besucco vocation bandwagon has come up with Frontpage for Friends. Read on.... more »

AGL, quid!

  12:27:53, par wilfried   , 435 mots  

Inaugurée le 15 août 2006, la Vice Province d’Afrique des Grands Lacs (AGL) accomplit sa mission dans trois pays : le Burundi, le Rwanda et Ouganda. Au cours des quinze dernières années, chacun des trois pays qui forment la Vice Province a connu des… suite »

'Mobile' issue hotting up!

  12:07:24 pm, by admin   , 361 words  

Interesting to note a 'hot topic' around the provinces beginning to surface (I'm talking of provinces world wide, not specifically in EAO). Mobile phone and community! We were having this discussion in groups at Gerini (international studentate of… more »

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