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Archives for: October 2009

Que ferait Don Rua, successeur de Don Bosco, pour les jeunes qui ont connu la guerre? Nous sommes en train de nous préparer à fêter le centenaire de celui qui fut le premier successeur de Don Bosco. Partout au monde dans le milieu salésien, le nom de… suite »

Being passionate about somone!

  12:34:24 pm, by Castilino   , 389 words  

This day's session during the Social Communication meeting concluded with me ending up more confused than with any clear ideas about the "Centres of Communication". As I still battle it out, I tried to find out what exactly was our focus on, in debating… more »

Multiplication of 'holidays'!

  05:12:36 am, by Castilino   , 182 words  

Jesus saw a great multitude and felt pity for them. When it became late, his disciples came to him and said: Lord, dismiss the people, it is already late and they have no time. Jesus said: Give them your own time. They said: We ourselves have no… more »

The yeast of Social Communication

  02:24:26 pm, by Castilino   , 189 words  

I write this sitting in a hall where an intense debate rages on about the restructuring and animation of the Department of the Mission (Youth Ministry, Mission and Social Communication). At this moment we find ourselves talking about the need of a Youth… more »

Energising a movement (Strenna 2010)

  05:57:41 pm, by Castilino   , 125 words  

Fr Anchukandam Thomas, the Salesian Provincial of Bangalore (INK) and the SPCSA representative, in his goodnight to the participants of the South Asia Communication Meeting, shed new light on the Strenna 2010 of the Rector Major (of making the Salesian… more »

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