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Archives for: November 2009

Doing charity vs being socially responsible

  03:38:48 pm, by Castilino   , 216 words  

Recently there was this suggestion to raise funds through a unique scheme: collect just Re 1 from donors in a month, not more not less. Frankly speaking the first time I heard this, I said to myself, that is as good as begging! For what use will just a… more »

The two dimensions that make a 'Vocation'

  06:26:57 pm, by Castilino   , 247 words  

Initiating a course on Youth Ministry for a group of students of Theology of a particular congregation, I spoke of the need to build the person of the animator. Somewhere during the second or third session, we were discussing about the theme of the… more »

When good is not enough…

  06:16:08 pm, by Castilino   , 249 words  

I heard many a sermon conclude that the rich young man mentioned in the gospels, lived a very sad life. I have my own doubts. Somehow I have a feeling that he lived a happy life, may not be a very fulfilled one but surely not a sad one. The reason is… more »

Time, pressure and motivation

  08:03:41 am, by Castilino   , 224 words  

Much water has flown under the bridge since I last blogged - not more than the recent floods which ravaged my state here, though! There was the Social Communication Meeting, with its own experiences, reflections and fond memories. The latest was the… more »

Region tries new approach

  05:41:00 am, by admin   , 627 words  

HYDERABAD: 1st November 2009 -- As the EAO representatives could tell you, the South Asia Region, effectively all of India, Sri Lanka and Pakistan in this instance since FIS was involved, has completed a six day meeting series on Social Communications.… more »
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