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Archives for: December 2009

Allow your children to hate you

  11:49:18 am, by Castilino   , 210 words  

A truly personal love of child for parent (or for 'what is right') must develop like any other love, and suffer the same frustrations and reversals. To imagine that it can be imposed or demanded, or to believe that it can be fully achieved by the age of… more »

Education and lettting go

  11:45:21 am, by Castilino   , 119 words  

Selfhood begins with a walking away And love is proved in the letting go. C. Day Lewis, reflecting on his son. Another good lesson for Salesians. The asceticism of being fathers, Fathers, and educators. This is also, it strikes me, the… more »
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Education by contagion

  11:43:56 am, by Castilino   , 237 words  

Alphonso Nebrada, whenever he baptizes a baby, says these words: What is going to happen to this baby? Is it going to be a saint? a Great man or a great woman? Is it going to be a rascal, a criminal? Who knows? Let us pray, because the only thing we… more »

The Beatitudes

  11:40:13 am, by Castilino   , 295 words  

Another play, 'Christ in a Morning Coat', was supposed to have been written as a 'sacrilegious farce' for atheist propaganda, but when it was produced the opposite effect happened. The centerpiece of the stage-set was a caricature altar, suggesting a… more »

Martyrdom, truth and dignity

  06:17:32 pm, by Castilino   , 247 words  

The feast of St Stephen for me is a very strong reminder of the delicate balance between martyrdom and suicide. I have often asked myself this question: Is martyrdom about standing for truth or for God? Is it about an idea/concept or a person? Which is… more »

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