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Archives for: January 2010

Values ... more than deeds alone

  01:01:03 pm, by Castilino   , 163 words  

I see a great deal of energy and effort spent on doing deeds, especially with children and in our educational institutions. Of course, the argument is that children learn by doing. But I also believe that they need to be told WHY they are doing what… more »
PORT-AU-PRINCE: 28th January 2010 -- Let's start out in Haiti, where there is yet another twist to the disaster which unfolded on 12th January. Under the rubble of the Archbishop's quarters (he died amidst that rubble) lie the Archdiocesan… more »

Of formees and street children

  03:02:10 am, by Castilino   , 109 words  

It is perhaps the same challenge when working in a formation house or in a street childrens' home. As far as I see, there is a great lacuna of motivation in both the places: among the street kids, they have seen life and therefore would not be easily… more »

Double trouble and prayer

  09:31:37 pm, by admin   , 478 words  

What a week! You hear of a mass tragedy such as that in Haiti, and you learn because of the way news is fed these days, in dribs and drabs, to double your figures. more »

I already have all I need

  05:59:15 pm, by Castilino   , 138 words  

Fr Koshy send me a 'forward' with a list of '20 powerful beliefs that will push you towards success'. Not anything new but quite good insights for one to reflect on. I would say it is quite a comprehensive list. Of the many things that caught my… more »


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