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Archives for: February 2010

I give what I have

  08:58:25 am, by Castilino   , 159 words  

It was a very good decision to move out of the Provincial house to have our recollection today. The venue was a neighbouring rehab centre for AIDS patients, run by the Sisters (about 9 kms from here). Fr Thankachan's reflections were inspiring: We give… more »

A real, fair dinkum Aussie Saint!

  10:22:33 pm, by admin   , 820 words  

Buckle your seat-belts as we go through a little linguistic turbulence, but I hope to land safely! That will be for you to judge. Let's get 'fair dinkum' out of the way first. Australian term for 'true, real' as used here, though the fair dinkum… more »

Lenten message from Fr Wong

  03:24:54 pm, by admin   , 1574 words  

Dear confreres, With the beginning of Lent on this Ash Wednesday, I wish you all a time of spiritual fruitfulness and deeper knowledge of our Lord Jesus. I pray and I am certain that his Holy Spirit will guide us through this grace-filled season… more »

Blessed are those who do not hate!

  10:00:19 am, by Castilino   , 221 words  

It was nearly a month ago that I decided to stick to matters that are relevant while speaking rather than enter is loose talk that often begins by an innocent grumbling session. Though I've been successful to a large extent, as I review my own… more »

Called to be disciples, not workers

  12:11:44 pm, by Castilino   , 100 words  

Fr Maria Arokiam, the Regional of South-Asia gave a very relevant and inspiring sermon yesterday during the Provincial Installation ceremony. He basically called our attention to the fact that we need to take time out to realise our true identity:… more »
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