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Archives for: July 2010

Faith tested in suffering and failure

  10:20:08 am, by Castilino   , 220 words  

During Mass this morning, as the Gospel was being read out, I was picturising the whole scene in my mind... the interesting interaction between Jesus and Martha. Knowing that Jesus was on his way to their house, Martha runs ahead to meet Jesus. Torn… more »

Artemides Zatti

  12:52:19 am, by admin   , 22 words  

You might want to check out the interesting video on Blessed Artemides Zatti put together by Bro. Philip Bua from Nigeria (AFW). more »

Of Joaquim, Anne and the mustard seed

  10:17:34 am, by Castilino   , 145 words  

Just before the Mass I had a small distraction: Were Joaquim and Anne granted the title of 'saints' purely on the basis of their parenting of Mother Mary? I was not surely... until the Gospel of the day. It speaks of the mustard seed and extols its… more »

Vita o morte - to be or not to be?

  10:19:09 pm, by Klement   , 351 words  

La vita Dopo gli Esercizi spirituali di 3 settimane fa, ho fatto alcune riflessioni, mi chied sul mio impegno serio nella vita di ogni giorno ... E sopratutto mi chiedo sul mio impegno personale per la vita. Quando parliamo sulla rivitalizzazione… more »

2010 global chiristianity atlas

  06:56:42 pm, by Klement   , 166 words  

Wonderful gift to open the eyes on the world Church! What happen to the Christian faith within past 100 years? After getting the first information from the Italian magazine Mondo e missione, June-July 2010 about this ATLAS and the worldwide… more »

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