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Archives for: March 2011

Cagliero - Caballo como comunidad?

  11:58:39 pm, by Klement   , 637 words  

Patagonia Argentina CHOS MALAL (nome in lingua mapuche) e' distante di 2610 km da Buenos Aires, la parrocchia-missione più distante dal centro ispettoriale della nuova ispettoria ARS. Per arrivare a Chos Malal ci vuole 2 ore di aereo più 6 ore in… more »

A prezzo del sangue - 24 marzo

  09:47:23 pm, by Klement   , 791 words  

A prezzo del sangue – 24 Marzo Visita de conjunto de la Region America Cono Sur 89 Salesiani dei 5 paesi latinoamericani radunati in Santiago de Chile, radunati nella casa del ritiro a Los Cañas per 5 giorni. Secondo l’ordine del Consigliere regionale… more »

A snake for Bread

  01:49:22 pm, by Castilino   , 146 words  

Most often when we ask God for something we expect it to be delivered as a a 'ready-to-use' package. We ask God to give us bread and we expect it good, fresh, sliced and tasty. But God is not so cheap a baker. He is God!! He gives us, each according to… more »

SDB = Serikat Doyan Bola!

  02:12:43 pm, by Klement   , 396 words  

Jakarta-Wisma Don Bosco At midnight the Casket of Don Bosco is leaving from our Parish St. John Bosco to Hong Kong. At 5 PM the Indonesian post-novices won the STF (inter-congregational center of studies) football cup 2011 (finals result, SDB:CICM… more »

Lent 2011 - West Side Story

  03:48:09 am, by Klement   , 378 words  

A special time of Lent started. Hua Hin, Thailand, March 11,2011 Each Lent is really a wonderful opportunity to be more deeply rooted in Jesus Christ. I’m very glad for one special gift from California – USA. One of the former Salesian Lay… more »


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