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Archives for: November 2011

Sirajuli - un evento storico!

  10:40:22 pm, by Klement   , 791 words  

22 novembre 2011 - vicino ad un villagio una casa salesiana e' aperta! Un evento veramente storico - apertura del primo aspirantato missionario salesiano dopo il Vaticano II, fuori d'Europa - nell'Assam, India - diocesi di Tezpur, ispettoria di… more »

Miracles of India

  01:19:36 am, by Klement   , 368 words  

Go, until the end of the earth and proclaim the Gospel! This invitation of Jesus is much alive in the three regions I have visited with the grace of God in past three weeks. Some twenty Salesian communities, mainly parish-boarding schools setting with… more »
Prayer Petition for the Promotion of the Salesian Brother Vocation for December 2011 By Bro. Suwan Jutasompakorn Joseph (Thailand Province) Lord Jesus, by your inspiration our dear father Don Bosco established two equal paths of Salesian religious… more »

11 November

  05:03:44 am, by Klement   , 466 words  

Good day! And happy 11th November 2011 from Hyderabad, India. Just finished the Planning and Development Office seminar with some 90 Salesians and Lay Mission Partners from all around the five continents. Cagliero11 - as monthly missionary animation… more »

Chain of missionary attraction (5)

  11:20:17 pm, by Klement   , 873 words  

Don Bosco Casket is just passing through Chennai Province,India. On this occasion the provincial Fr. Raphael sent a circular letter about Don Bosco missionary roots as the DNA of our Salesian missionary dimension: _______________NOVEMBER 2011 -… more »
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