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Archives for: April 2012

Being shepherds and sheep

  06:51:32 pm, by Castilino   , 171 words  

Fr Dominic Savio, in his sermon this morning, speaking on the gospel passage of the Good Shepherd, listed the qualities of a shepherd. Prior to that he was clear in stating that each one of us is a shepherd in his or her own right. Elaborating the… more »

Uncredible adventure in the Amazon forest!

  03:57:53 am, by Klement   , 573 words  

Finally have reached the last salesian missionary station in the Amazon forest, IAURETE. few meters from the Colombian boarder. Some 83 years ago the Salesian missionaries reached this far away place driven by the apostolic zeal and Don Bosco dreams.… more »

Intimacy with the Lord

  10:14:56 am, by admin   , 607 words  

"The Father and I are one ad we shall come and make our home in you..." (St John: 10, 30) Psychologists tell us that intimacy, born in and nourished by a loving presence, is the surest guarantee of a lasting, enriching, personal relationship. Intimacy… more »

Lives of Saints

  06:22:58 pm, by Castilino   , 82 words  

One reason why there is a greater demand for biographies (general) and novels, in comparison to lives of Saints, is that the former includes practically the whole life of the person or event. The latter is an 'edited' version of the good things of the… more »

Piu Yanomami e meno Salesiani

  03:00:32 am, by Klement   , 599 words  

Brasile, Amazonas, Rio Negro - Missao Santa Famiglia di Marauia 22 aprile 2012 Fra due anni i Salesiani di Brasile celebrano centenario della entrata. Gia una settimana sto visitando le prime missioni fra gli Yanomami di Brasile, nella zona di Rio… more »


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