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Archives for: June 2012

Year of faith (3) Secularized Salesians

  10:50:31 pm, by Klement   , 427 words  

Great! Every time i listen to some young salesians, especially salesian missionaries, its a time of grace. Also today i had a chance to share with one 20+ young missionary from Asia, who is heading to some Muslim mission place. more »

Year of Faith (2) Energia della comunità

  09:37:56 pm, by Klement   , 664 words  

Le missioni non esistono senza missionari. Ogni chiamata missionaria non si risponde senza la fede. Una riposta alla chiamata missionaria del Signore in Europa vale da riflettere! more »

Year of Faith (1) Good night

  06:18:17 am, by Klement   , 843 words  

June 21, Good night talk. To talk about missions, to talk about refugees (yesterday was the world day of refugess). Yesterday i was ask to give a good night talk at the General House. After a long time being out, after so many events, encounters and… more »

Cor Iesu Sacratissimum

  09:46:51 am, by Klement   , 865 words  

Cor Jesus sacratissimum, ut bonus et dignos operarios pie Salesianorum Societati mittere! Et in ea conservare, et in ea conservare, et in ea conservare digneris te rogamus audi nos, te rogamus audi nos! (allegato – melodia di P. Jose Carreno) more »

Our future is black!

  06:21:15 pm, by Klement   , 491 words  

Our future is black! It does not happen every day. Just yesterday I was listening for one hour an exciting story of one young African Salesian. An unfolding answer to God's calling - to become a Christian, to become a Salesian and finally to become a… more »


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