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Archives for: July 2012

Una pregunta - California

  09:49:05 pm, by Klement   , 598 words  

Ayer pregunte a un delegado de animacion misionera (USA) Cual son los caminos concretos para llevar, crear o re-establecer la cultura misionera en las inspectorías, casas y en la familia salesiana? La respuesta llego muy interesante! more »

Year of faith (9) Growing?

  04:13:40 pm, by Klement   , 291 words  

Today we have finished the two months long marathon meetings of the General Council. Every can get on the ANS news of today (July 27) the Good night talk of the Rector Major where he give his account of the work done: new provincials, visitation… more »

Year of faith (8) Valdocco

  10:36:17 am, by Klement   , 284 words  

Project Europe at Valdocco Three days at Valdocco, in the summer desert of Torino. Three days of prayers, of never ending meetings of Project Europe Commission n.7, four years after kick off of this very special Project of the Congregation. more »

Year of faith (7) Ramadan 2012

  10:01:47 pm, by Klement   , 739 words  

From July 20 to August 18, 2012 the most important month of the Muslim year, the Ramadan is going on. Fasting during the day, prayers, God centered life. My past experiences of this month in Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines or some European cities… more »

Year of faith (6) Camminare

  02:06:54 pm, by Klement   , 310 words  

Camminare con Dio, cammino della Fede, camminare ogni giorno! Sicuramente il CAMMINARE è una delle parole chiavi dell'Anno della Fede che stiamo preparando. Oggi grazie ad un invito di un altro consigliere - missionario, ho potuto camminare diversi… more »


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