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Life for Jesus - Japanese Salesian aspirants 2014!

  10:53:00 pm, by Klement   , 396 words  

Life for Jesus - Japanese Salesian aspirants 2014!

Pentecost 2014

Come, O Holy Spirit, renew the face of the earth, renew the hearts and life of Jesus disciples!

On the Pentecost Sunday 2014 is a good time to give thanks for our Aspirants to Salesian life. In 'OUR REGION" of East Asia and Oceania (22 countries and 10 provinces) there are about 23 different 'centers' or 'houses' we can call 'Aspirantates'. On the picture there are 13 Aspirants of Yokkaichi (Japan, diocese of Kyoto) with their 4 young formators.

In these places or venues few hundreds (more tha 500?) of youth/ young adults are searching for the will of God. Meeting the Aspirants of junior high school (Thailand, Japan, East Timor 12-15 years old) or meeting the military service aspirants (South Korea, 25 years old) or the university hostel students hostel who attend the Sunday encounters (Vietnam, 20-25 years old) I"m asking always the same question: 

WHAT DOES or WHO DOES ATTRACT the hearts of the young people today to leave their homes, the easy way of life and follow Jesus in the footsteps of Don Bosco?

It's about a joyful life witness of young Salesian brothers amidst the youth in the Oratory, school or training center?

It's about the person of Don Bosco, a charismatic Saint very much attractive in the movie, books, comics or narration?

It's about the family spirit felt in the Salesian houses, communities or schools?

It's about a good spiritual guide met in the confession, in the youth center, youth group or by chance somewhere else?

It's about meaningful mission to serve, to save the poor youth (at risk, without parents, without education)?

AT THE END OF THE DAY, it's about the inner call of God, who loves, chooses, picks up one by one 'HIS' young men to follow his Son as Don Bosco. The HOLY SPIRIT is consecrating, is calling, is sending the youth at he did from the first Pentecost day, through the Torino - Valdocco experience until now.

Pentecost Day - walking pilgrimage from the General House to the Basilica of Saint Paul - St. Peter in the Vatican and back. A day of walk and prayer to the Holy Spirit for the growth of VOCATION CULTURE in our East Asia - Oceania Region.

COME O HOLY SPIRIT, renew our hearts - to LOVE YOU, to SERVE YOU and to WORK for VOCATIONS among our YOUTH as Don Bosco did yesterday.. and we are called to do today!


Sacred Heart of Jesus

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Sacred Heart of Jesus

Time is flying too fast.

We have already started another month, June - month of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

This year June is starting in the novena to the Holy Spirit before the Pentecost Sunday! The statue of Sacred Heart of Jesus (from the Rooms of Don Bosco at Valdocco, Turin) shows us the witness way of life:

Open heart: open to the world, open to the youth, open to our fellow Salesian confreres. Open to listen: listen to God, listen to our brothers, listen to the youth and their culture.

Jesus at the center of our life: singing daily the short prayer 'O Cor Iesus Sacratissimo' asking for vocatoin fidelity and for more vocation to the Salesian consecrated life, composed by Fr. Joseph Careno is one of the pointers.

This year I try to offer each day a special time praying for vocations in the EAO region (especially in provinces with few vocations), for patient - slow - solid establishment of vocation culture in our communities, for the Salesians who are accompanying the young on their (first) steps of vocation journey.

Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy of us, lead us to be credible witness of your Kingdom!

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