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  06:41:26 pm, by Castilino   , 215 words  

In the Indian tradition, the naming of a new born child is a special and solemn ceremony. For the name implies much more than a family - it gives identity to the person. Similarly, my first posting on this blog would be to speak something about the name chosen: A drop of honey.
I chose it for basically three reasons:

It is a significant theme in the life of St Francis de Sales, a saint who is looked upto by the Church (and the congregation) for his divine intervention on behalf of the media (One can catch more flies by a drop of honey than a barrel full of vinegar!)
The phrase fondly reminds me of Fr John Lens, the senior-most Salesian in my Province of Hyderabad (INH). I've known him since my childhood. He is one whom I really adore! One of his many books, based on the life of St Francis de Sales, is titled 'A drop of Honey'.
I love the imagery this phrase offers... not an overdose, but just a drop. Enough to sweeten the mouth and tantalizing enough to crave for more!

Last of all, one cannot forget one's parents... and in the case of this blog, it's Fr Julian Fox with his team!! Thanks Fr Julian for this opportunity.


  03:47:09 pm, by SDB   , 376 words  

Agartala, 17th August 2009

Yarwng, (Roots), the award-winning Kokborok film from Tripura in Northeast India was the subject of an emotionally charged discussion at Brisbane’s Regent Theatre during the just concluded 18th Brisbane International Film Festival (BIFF) in Australia.

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Exploring an idea - and asking your involvement

  11:48:15 am, by SDB   , 503 words  

Link: http://www.bosconet.aust.com/WCD/index.html

ROME: 15th August 2009

From a variety of viewpoints, the 43rd World Communications Day message from Benedict XVI (this year's) is one of the best such messages in 43 years of papal teaching on communications matters. It is succinct, power-packed, in that sentence after sentence is full of redolent ideas and images; it is provocative, and addressed largely to a young, digitally-savvy generation. It would be a pity for the message to slip by without finding ways to increase its impact in the course of 2009.

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Nuevo blog para la visita de Don Bosco a Paraguay

  06:08:28, por par   , 219 palabras  

El objetivo del blog es ir recopilando las noticias que se producen en las distintas comunidades por donde va pasando las reliquias del santo y, por otra parte, ofrecer a la Familia Salesiana del Paraguay materiales formativos para preparar con profundidad el paso de las reliquias del Padre y Maestro de los jóvenes por esta tierra guaraní.

El recorrido

Con el lema “En camino con Don Bosco”, del 29 de octubre al 15 de noviembre, la réplica de la imagen de San Juan Bosco que contiene sus reliquias visitará nuestro país, pasando por las ciudades donde trabajan los hijos de San Juan Bosco.

La peregrinación fue iniciativa del padre Pascual Chávez, Rector Mayor de los Salesianos, con motivo de celebrarse este año el 150º aniversario de fundación de la Congregación Salesiana (18 de diciembre de 1859) y con vistas a la preparación del bicentenario del nacimiento de San Juan Bosco en I Becchi, Italia (16 de agosto de 1815).

El recorrido se inició el 25 de abril en Valdocco, Turín (Italia), en la Basílica de María Auxiliadora, y se extenderá por los cinco continentes. Antes de llegar al Paraguay estará por Chile, Uruguay y Argentina. Concluida la peregrinación por nuestro país, partirá a las inspectorías salesianas del Brasil.


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FABC has a number of high profile Salesian voices

  08:31:27 am, by SDB   , 331 words  

MANILA: 12th August 2009

The Federation of Asian Bishops Conference (FABC) meeting, now in progress in Manila, was the topic of a recent austraLasia. Besides Archbishop Thomas Menamparampil, there are other Salesian bishops, and some 'periti' from Asia who are around for the Conference.

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