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Month of Mary (2) Journeying with the young!

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Month of Mary (2) Journeying with the young!

One week in the Korean Province is coming to the end.

Fr. Robert Falk,SDB former Delegate of Korea and long time novice master (83 years) is still in the playground with the youth (3 point shoots!) and shows the face of Don Bosco in Korea already since 1956!

 Participation in the installation of the new provincial, Fr. Steafano Yang; meeting with the Provincial council and visit to all three Salesian formation houses: this is the overall rendiconto of past few days.

Glad to be able to renews my residence permit, to check the health for the service to the EAO region in the future months and years. Visited and met also some members of the Salesian Family (FMA sisters, Caritas of Jesus sisters, Salesian Cooperators, VDBs and some past pupils).

The time of this visit happend during a full blooming period of Korean springtime. Everywhere the flowers show their wonderful beauty.

In this week the Children's day, Parent's day is overlapped with the Budha Birthday (May 6) - shared with St. Dominic Savio.

On the other side the man-made disaster of 300 young people who died in the Sea-Weol ferry near the coast of South Korea is still looming over the public life, media and emotions in the wider society of this country. For sure, a huge mountain of corruption of any kind, mafia etc is behind this unfortunate disaster of April 16.

Some of the young Salesians have asked, what can we do (more) for this social evils as Salesians. Are we neutral? Are we out of politic life? For sure our approach is specific, is starting from the heart of Jesus with his passion to bring all (but especially the poorest of the youngsters) to Jesus! Our social evil approach is through the youth education with all it's facets (human rights, accompaniment of the young within the wider network of all society agencies.

Fr. Bob still on the playground is giving an answer first with his life committed to the youth, with his prayerful life witness.

Mother of Jesus, help us to serve the youth, especially the poorest with all of our heart and soul, day by day!

May - month of Mary (1)

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May - month of Mary (1)

Tomorrow  we start a new month, the month of Mary - MAY!

(photo - Solomon Islands one MOTHER with CHILD, Oceania Madonna)


It's a very good chance for all Salesians to rekindle our faith, our love and our relation to Jesus.

It's a very good opportunity to take draw the best from the East Asia - Oceania Church experience, deep and strong!


During this month (most of the time before the May 24, Mary Help of Christians) I'm happy to journey together with the confreres of Korea, Vietnam and Japan.

Every day with the Gospel and Salesian Constitutions in my hands.

Every day I'm trying to ponder, discern the main animation dynamics of the General Chapter 27 for our Region.

Today the position of Mary in our CONSTITUTTIONS  struck my attention:

'We welcome our RULE of LIFE with gratitude and trust as being the 'living testament of Don Bosco' coming from the hands of the Virgin Help of Christians herself, and we open our hearts in thanksgiving... (introduction, 1984 - Fr.Vigano)

"Through the motherly intervention of Marthy, the Holy Spirit raised up St. John Bosco to contribute to the salvation of youth!" (Const art. 1)

"The Virgin Mary showed Don Bosco his field of labor among the young and was the constant guide and support of his work. We believe that Mary is present among us and continues her 'mission as Mother of the Church and Help of Christians'..

Yesterday praying the Rosary on board of the Seoul subway (line 2) I was asking for all EAO Salesians the grace of being attentive to Mary's presence...

Mary, Help of Christians, pray for us!

EAO Salesian World Councilor 2014-2020

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EAO Salesian World Councilor 2014-2020

Manila, April 2014

Theme: "Making a Difference in the World" - Day 3 (April 25)

Manila 2014 - EAO Congress of Salesian Cooperators


Morning Eucharist

Fr. Giuseppe Casti, SDB - world delegate presided

18 Aspirants did their promise (FIN, FIS, THA)

Reminder from the RM emeritus: distribute on the Promise day also the 'Identity Charter of the SF' (ed. 2012).


ELECTIONS (2014-2020 six years period)


 3 candidates presented for the WORLD COUNCILOR

 Milagros Wurtrich - FIS provincial coordinator

Philip Yu - CIN provincial coordinator

Adele - FIN provincial coordinator

 54 voting - including13 religious SDB/FMA

20 proxies (NB - all provincial councilor have the right to vote)

 Philip YU was elected in the second ballot, at 12:30

AFTERNOON time - sharing for the future of EAO Sales.Cooperators Provinces

EAO SDB regional

Three consideration

- Help and assistance of MYM, AUL 'Salesian cooperators-free provinces TO START

- Help to the incoming 'ACS provinces' (PAL, minimum of 3 local centeres)

 a. Taiwan

 b. Timor Leste / Indonesia

 c. Papua New Guinea / Solomon Islands

- Possible take the challenge of helping some

- Possible support, exchange of the existing young or retired (ACS) volunteers among the EAO provinces(Cagliero - AUL: 2007, Torch - CIN: 1992, KOR - International Volunteer Group)



- Young people come up! When Carlos did joined the Sal. Cooperators was the youngest (Carlito, 25 years - son of Carlos)

- Australian situation: started with the YM 'working with children' - offered joy, community and unconditional love, offering the model of Jesus and Don Bosco> creates happy and holy young people, so that can work with and for other young people (not my parents). Youth should be given responsibility (started when I was 15), only through mission the young people discover the faith, they want to do it again and again. Now I work with a group of 40 young university students (every single is committed to Don Bosco so much; you should meet them, they are incredible. But they came to this only through self-giving, they have been trusted - that's important for us. Now our Group 'ASYM' Australian Salesian Youth Mentors... working for other young people.

- They see the AUL Salesian cooperator as a group of old prayer group people. Pray for me, to be able to convince them that ACS is 'to work for the youth. I'm very humbled by your witness. Don't let what happen to Australia, let happen.. BE with young people, every day, pray for them... it's the start. BE happy with them and they will follow you eventually. It's not easy, there is a generational gap  - another langauge, in another world. Don't be afraid. Please! (Carlito)



- proposal of discipleship 'mentoring' system or servant-leadership program (to overcome the generation gap)

- don't stress too early on organization and animation, just build on lay - youth spirituality (Strenna RM 2013)



- method of formation, sharing from the activities of different centeres

'Salesiani Cooperatori' (NB: this term is used literally in Italian form)

- those who participate in the regional congresses could transmit

- how to send young Japanese to the world? DGVG (Don Bosco Oversee Group): would like to expand it (not only to PNG) in order to get in touch with the Catholic Church

- Kyushu one center apart of SDB/FMA community (only condition, report to the diocesan bishop regularly)

- What about the cooperation among the provinces? Many disasters in our Region recently, as ACS we can support the victims with prayer or even some concrete help (financial). We would like to promote the sharing among the provinces.



I don't have anything - you have heard already everything. Also we discussed that the ageing of ACS in Korea (I'm close to 60!)

- We could invite our sons and daughters, share with them the Salesian life, they can be also good Christians and honest citizen.

- How to involve in the Salesian Youth Movement? Through the SYD in Korea since 2011 is possible?

- For young mothers about 'educate in the style of DB' (parish, diocesan level newsletter), only then inviting to the Salesian Cooperators. 3 year formation course started (5 new Salesian cooperators). Possible way to the future? (2010-2013, promise last April 2013)


Mongolia - Darkhan Donbosco Center

Power point presentation with clap of hands... from the life of the ACS in Dakrhan - youth ministry (children and adolescents)

12 Sal.Cooperators in Mongolia - after meeting Singapore just 1 Cooperator, so we can

do it! I observe Australia father and son, very dynamic, communicate with children very easily - talk, share, easily touch their hearts. After going back to Mongolia, we can move on with more young Cooperators, just one target (communicate with youth; my faith is not very strong, I should win my fear. We should start our work form our family, our parish - small steps. Many questions remaining - how can I improve, but I have to talk with the Salesians.  Joy, communication and unconditional love: we know but we need to practice.


Philippines North province

Happy that you enjoy yourself and we shared many inspiration.

SWOT of the province (ppt) shared (very detailed - organization with more centers out of the SDB/FMA community places, computer challenged ACS!

PPT presentation well prepared and commented

Regional Formator

Regional Administrator & Secretariat


Philippines South province

SWOT - more focused on the local centers, with DB 200 (2015)

Center is strong, if the members are able to support it's initial formation (time, money, resources). 10 centers of FIS we have only 5 moving towards the challenges of the EAO.

Constant invocation and presence of Mary Help of Christian in SC life.

Passport system is working (not enough passports for our aspirants! - kind of culture being built! - point system, for 10 month the record is growing, credited ) This passport system changed the culture of the province.

Presence of lay ministers in our centers formation is of great importance. Less depending on the SDB inputs.

Satelite centers (from our Centers), Cebu - Negros (relationship)

Important presence of SDB, FMA in our meetings

If we invest in formation (spending money!) our apostolate will flow! (social services


- 5 years ago we had many young cooperators, but now? There should be moduls for young and older generation separate (need of specific)

- Satellite centers  are possible! Opening of new satellite centers? (Negros island?)

- Inviting diocesan priests we are involved in the diocesan life (JPII youth participation)

- Promise for November 2015: Mamma Margaret - GIFT of many new aspirants 'promise day' (movement)!

- Leadership formation + 'Directory' (Macau 2008 - we were asked to produce our 'Directories' (update)


Papua New Guinea presentation - ppt (Rabaul)

PNG based Filipino ACS comments

PNG plan shared by Thomas, ACS (founding member, POM)

- the 'formula of success', the scenario of Australia (Carlito) would work also in PNG

- challenged the spirituality of joy and creativity (Fr. Armand's talk) because with my work I'm pressurized and discharging my stress also on my wife and my family.

- First batch of ACS we came with 10, second with 6, third batch with 1 only. With the first we had a SDB with us... Means we are not duplicating Don Bosco enough by ourselves! This is our discernment we learnt through last couple of days here:

We need be more humble, enthusiastic as DB! In Salesian schools in Rabaul and POM there is appeal for Salesian vocations (not all can be FMA, SDB!).

For example we have 'YOUTH 300' (restricted to the space!), among those the vocation discernment is going on. They might be part of the young Cooperators. We try to work out some simple strategic action plan - possible also with our resources, measurable.



Fr. Suphot learn from the ACS since the 2004, my intention to be among the young Salesian Cooperators. Now I will become the Rector of the Aspirants. 3 points:

1. Tuloy sa Don Bosco visit was wonderful (insight of THA SC group) - all 700 children stay together the whole year (only 3 cases of fighting - how it's possible?) Bias very difficult to overcome.

2. Talk of Dr. Paksy (87 years young) - "What shall we teach?" We can teach the youth, with your witnesses only if we stay among the youth.

3. Our joy is the best witness to the world, to the youth


VIE - Vietnam

How to make difference as SC in Vietnam?

- most of the ACS makes the Salesian parish 'more Salesian' (not automaticaly our parishes are much Salesian) - involved in parish council, different associations, catechists.

- in the Salesian vocation training centers - making difference through the PSDB, since they know better the preventive system - in dealing with the youth.

- As SC we try to do it in our confucian cultural environment (harsh order in the family, parish - 'mandarin' style 'ordering' - hierarchy ...)

FINAL REFLECTIONS (Carlos Escobar)            4:15 PM


Final reflections (wrap up after 3 days of the EAO Congress)

Holiness, Mission and Renewal

SC Charism, Vocation - PAL

Joy - the challenge of being joyful

Being with the young (among) and for the young

Mission: Family, Work, Parish, Social Works

Holiness of childhood - nurture, protect, defend


Objectives EAO region (2014-2020)

- reflect and pass on the Congress experience to all local centers

- renewal through PAL study (good translations): deepen and strengthen  our Salesian identity and Charism

-  be creative in new frontier works, educating and protecting children (challenge), no fear

- welcome and support young cooperators through apostolic work


Objectives - EAO Region (3-6 years)

- support the new world councilor - please!

- set up new 'Regional Consulta' (Advisory council)

- bring economic solidarity to the full, to assist the RM, World Council and Regional needs (cf. Solidarity fund for this EAO Congress)






Salesian spring - EAO Cooperators together (1)

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Salesian spring - EAO Cooperators together (1)

Philippines, Manila - Alabang, Acacia Hotel

Eight Regional Congress - East Asia Oceania - of the Salesian Cooperators started!

From 1993 every few years many (100-200) Salesian Cooperators from many countries of the EAO region are coming together. Also today (April 23), some 128 Salesian Cooperators, SDB and FMA delegates gathered near Alabang, Tuloy sa Don Bosco street children village for 4 days long Congress.

1993 in Thailand (Hua Hin), 1996 in the Philippines (Batulao-Calaruega), 1999 in Hong Kong (China), 2001 in Cebu (Philippines), 2004 in South Korea (Suwon), 2008 in Macau (China) and 2011 in Bangkok (Thailand).

Each Congress does bring together many apostolic energies and inspirations, and as visible fruits definitely the GROWTH of the Salesian Charism - of the Salesian Cooperators Vocation and Mission through the participants in all respective countries.

Also this time there are some memorable participants and many hints of the Holy Spirit who is guiding His People:

1. For the first time the Papua New Guinea - Solomon Islands Delegation is taking part (Mr. Thomas and his wife on the picture with the World Coordinator Noemi Bertola and World SDB Delegate Fr. Giuseppe Casti). After more then 15 years of Salesian Cooperators life they join to learn to be connected to the World-Wide-Family of the Salesian Cooperators.

2. John Lester from Singapore (after his promise in the Macau 2008 Congress still the only! Cooperators in Singapore) shared his dream, his passion to see growth of the Sal.Cooperators vocation in his home place.

EAO REGION of the Salesian Cooperators means some 120+ local centers, seven provinces (ACS), 670 Aspirants (probably the highest percentage among all 11 Regions of the Sal. Cooperators worldwide) and more than 2300 members with the promise.

There are participants from the Philippines (FIN,FIS), from Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands (expatriate Filipino teacher from Honiara), from Mongolia (Darkhan), from Singapore, from Australia, from China - Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, from South Korea, from Japan, from Timor Leste, from Thailand and from Vietnam....

Day 1 - sharing about the state of the EAO region (very positive, future oriented)

Growth of members, centers and aspirants in many provinces.

Need to rejuvenate the Association (age wise - both Sal. Cooperators and their SDB/FMA delegates.

Best report was without doubt from Cebu (FIS province) - which higlighted with all humility some Salesian Cooperators personally (with simplicity and humility) with their passion and apostolic fruits.

Good night talk given by Taiwan SDB delegate fr. Carbon - inviting everybody to be a true disciple and missionary of Jesus (wish of Pope Francis).

Many 'long standing Delegates FMA, SDB' are coming together after 3 years again (family environment).

Many hopeful signs of inter-provincial (regional) solidarity of different kinds were shared in the reports.

Most inspiring were three sharing of how the Salesian Cooperators vocation does grow (how the new Aspirants are being attracted to join) - usually by contamination, by joyful and dedicated life witness.

 Thanks to God for this wonderful Salesian - Secular Apostolic vocation !

We pray Mamma Margharet, Alessandrina Da Costa and Attilio Giordani to help us on our journey!

All for Jesus! Good Friday meditation

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All for Jesus! Good Friday meditation

Brno (Czech Republic)

17-21 April 2014

After two hectic months of the General Chapter and before my first 'recycled Regional councilor' first animation visits in the East Asia - Oceania Region, I stay four days with my mother in my home town of Brno (Czech Republic).

Yes, it's a time of listening to my mother and two younger brothers who are living in this home-place of 450 thousands of population.

Yes, it's also a time of silent prayer, meditation and pondering on my personal plan of life as the 'recycled' Regional councilor.  Yesterday the Chrism Mass in Brno Cathedral packed with few hundreds of priests around their diocesan bishop was a good time of prayer. As well the Last Supper memorial Eucharist in the first Salesian community (started some 80 years ago, burnt down 55 years ago and rebuilt some 20 years ago) in the vibrant Mary Help of Christian Parish.

Probably this feeling of 'traditional' Church not yet fully aware about the Global Catholic Church moves, did trigger in me a lot of reflections - about the impact of Pope Francis (Jesus and the poor at the center of the Church) about the happy event of General Chapter 27 about radical Gospel witness to Jesus..

Today, in front of your Cross, dear Jesus I just give thanks that you have loved ALL, EACH of us so much!

Today, in front of your Cross, help me to renew my life motto ALL FOR YOU, JESUS FOR ALL!

Misericordiam Domini in aeternum cantabo!

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