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East Asia Oceania - reconnecting

  09:11:00 am, by Klement   , 228 words  

East Asia Oceania - reconnecting

April 14-16, 2014

First three days of the New General Council work and third week in my new role as the Regional Councilor for this region. Indeed to reconnect to the very rich, scattered and diverse reality of the ten provinces and four delegations of OUR REGION is a challenging task.

On the picture you have an annual gathering of the Youth Ministry delegates (Manila 2013), one piece of the large EAO mosaic: provincial delegates of Youth Ministry were not coming together every (since the birth of our region in 2002). It's one indicator of the growth in connectedness, collaboration and synergy amongst us.

I would like to share the EAO REGION  "VISION - MISSION" (fruit of the first Team Visit in Hua Hin, 2005)

We envision (Vision)

East Asia-Oceania Region as a communion of Salesian Provinces, creatively faithful to Don Bosco’s Charism and effectively collaborating with each other to be evangelizers of the young, especially those who are poor.

Thus, we commit ourselves (Mission)


Ø      to inculturate the Preventive System in our Provinces

Ø      to cooperate in common projects such as  Formation, Youth Ministry, Salesian Family, Social Communications,  and other services

Ø      to show solidarity and practical support in times of natural calamities that frequently occur in many places of the region

Ø      to strengthen and deepen our communication with each other and to use the English language as the medium of communication 

Salesian Brothers of GC27 with the Rector Major

  06:48:00 pm, by Klement   , 358 words  

Salesian Brothers of GC27 with the Rector Major

The GC27 is slowly coming to the good end.


One of the ongoing topics (among the 220 delegates/provincials are only 11 Salesian Brothers.

In one of the Chapter discussion contribution was shared a deep concern about the future of the Salesian Brothers and suggested an ongoing move on the WORLD LEVEL of the Salesian Congregation:


Continue with renewed conviction promoting the vocation of the Salesian Brother relaunched by Fr Juan E. Vecchi in 2001 before the Beatification of Artemides Zatti.


Some days ago we studied the statistics of the Congregation. We are aware of the strong and ongoing decrease in numbers of Salesian Brothers. But we also know that it is not just about declining numbers.

 It is not a challenge at a functional level – Can we really carry the Salesian mission forward without the Salesian Brother?

 It is not only a challenge at the level of visibility – Do Salesian Brothers have a just representation in General Chapters, on the General Council, in provincial councils or in initial formation houses?

  I am deeply convinced that we must all respond honestly to a more profound question:

Is the Salesian Brother really essential for the future of the Salesian Congregation?


From sharing with some Brothers (11 at the GC27) over recent weeks, I would like to communicate some concerns:

- Are Salesian Brothers a form of Salesian religious life which is on the way out? What will happen when happen when the majority of our local and provincial communities only show Don Bosco’s clerical side? This has already happened in some provinces or regions!

- How should we reflect today on the roots of the charism – when in 1888 they were 33% of the Salesian Brothers? And today?

- What is the more specific contribution of the Salesian Brother? In each of the three core topics:

a. A TESTIMONY  which is more credible, eloquent of consecrated life

  (cf. growing clericalism in many regions) – core topic 1: Mystics of God's experience in daily mission

b.  A FRATERNAL PRESENCE (in the Salesian community) – core topic 2 Prophets of Communion & Fraternity

c.  ANIMATING PRESENCE (more consistent presence amongst the young) – core topic 3 Servants of the Young.

Blessed Artemide Zatti, pray for us!




  10:03:00 am, by gbasanes   , 0 words  


EAO with a dream

  07:14:00 pm, by Klement   , 309 words  

EAO with a dream

We were dreamt by Don Bosco...

After six year returning (slowly) to our beloved East Asia and Oceania Region.  It's for me a new call of God through the General Chapter 27 confreres. Fortunately in this Chapter there is more time and opportunity given to the Regional dynamics, so we have celebrated already two times the Eucharist (and continue until April 11 every day).

There is one place in the General House with - which is linked to the dreams of Don Bosco about our Region.  You could see on the picture the famous 'dream bridge', a gift of Past Pupils of one schools which was closed down exactly 60 years ago.  During the celebrations of 100 years of our presence in China, the Rector Major Fr. Pascual received this very meaningful gift (2006), but only few months ago this bronze plague was put on the wall just close to the RM's office. So - first GC27 East Asia Oceania group picture was taken with this background.

Yes, many  Salesians were growing since their Aspirantate time with a deep conscience 'WE WERE DREAMT by DON BOSCO', when taking 'seriously' his missionary dreams about all five continents, predicting the spread of his work for the salvation of youth worldwide.

It's indeed a very good new start for us!

Today the EAO Eucharist was animated by the CIN province, reminding us our Chinese conferes (Br. Peter Yeh and his martyr brother Cleric Peter Yeh - who perished in the turbulent 50's in the prisons). Especially the author of the 'Tutto a Gesu', Gesu' a tutti' (All for Jesus, Jesus for all!) their cousin late Fr. Luigi Yeh (+1972) in the labor camp..

Dreamt by Don Bosco and inspired daily by many holy Salesians - and many martyrs among them - we put all of our hearts and soul into the last one week of the General Chapter 27 as a EAO region group..

Missionary Church of Asia - Pope Francis is coming!

  10:01:00 am, by Klement   , 205 words  

Missionary Church of Asia - Pope Francis is coming!


Last ten days of the General Chapter (April 12 is the last day)


Two days ago we met Pope Francis, listen to his very deeply Gospel rooted (Give ONLY the best Salesians for the ministry to the most poor youth!) and very deeply Salesian (Work and temperance make florish the Congregation - 'In our school the siesta was forbidden both for students as well for the Salesians!)

I have greeted the Pope 'Welcome to Korea!' - His answer 'Sure, I will come next August'. First visit of the Pope to Asia in this century... Thanks be to God (finally!)

Yesterday celebrating the Silver Jubilee of Religious profession of Br. Mon (FIN), the only EAO delegate-brother to the GC27, we had also a wonderful time as a Region with the new Rector Major, Fr. Angel Fernandez.

Now we try to get the best of the sharing, prayer on the track of the Holy Spirit - 'Radical Witness to the Gospel' for the next six years.

As a recycled Regional councilor for the EAO (East Asia - Oceania) Region, i left my office this morning (2 AM) and from now on I'm back to the 'first love' - EAO regional office, started only 12 years ago.

St. Luis Versiglia and Callistus Caravario, pray for us!

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