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Witness (4) Fire at the center

  06:09:00 pm, by Klement   , 196 words  

Witness (4) Fire at the center

March 14, Friday


We are almost at the middle of the Chapter work. Each day is full.

Full of prayer, meetings, commissions, listening, voting and patience!

Now really tired (after one day or discussion about 'to delete the missions councilor' from the constitutions.

Many questions are roaming around:

- How to facilitate the personal, fraternal and pastoral-missionary conversion wanted the the Chapter?

- How to help the 'poor' rectors to animate 'as Don Bosco' their confreres amidst large educative-pastoral works and multiple tasks?

- How to facilitate the grace of unity in the life of each Salesian?

Yes, the answer is find together - in prayer, listening and open dialogue, with the help of the Holy Spirit...

Many suggestions are coming... like:

Let's put the Word of God at the center of the Salesian life in the next 6 years OR Let's move the general house to another location as powerful sign (in the spirit of Pope Francis...).

In the first complete draft of HOW to become a Salesian-Mystics, there is a clear and strong suggestion to make sure, the Word of God will be at the center of next 6 years period of the Congregation. 

Saint John Bosco, pray for us!



Witness (3) Animators

  09:43:00 am, by Klement   , 195 words  

Witness (3) Animators

GC27 - week 3: Sharing and searching for the 'Radical witness to the Gospel'

It's like to searching for a treasure!

Since yesterday in the 5 commissions all 220 members of the general chapter are looking for some inspiration from the Holy Spirit to discover some 'keys' to the renewal of the Congregation.

This picture taken in the Torino-Valdocco sacristy some weeks ago - with the Rector major and 50+ young animators of Ivrea community and its rector Fr. Eligio.

The large group of teenagers and university students is speaking loudly about the animation style of one Piedmont based community. 12 Salesians of average age (83+!!!) animated by one rector below 60 (the youngest member of the community) - entrusted with Ivrea Instituto Cardinal Cagliero (now a primary school with 300+ kids from 6 to 15 years of age), lively Oratory and vibrants groups of Salesian Cooperators, Past Pupils and ADMA.

Thanks to tireless commitment, ongoing formation of the youth, of the school staff (key members are all Salesian Cooperators) and the local Salesian Family branches, the fruits are visible.

It might be one hint to the RADICAL WITNESS JOURNEY - put all energies to youth and adult ongoing formation - to be disciples and missionaries in their own place.

Witness (2) Speaking by life

  10:39:00 pm, by Klement   , 301 words  

Witness (2) Speaking by life

General Chapter 27, Rome

First two weeks are over, remaining only 5 more weeks!

First days in the Assembly of 220+ and in the 5 commissions (each 40+) are days of listening. Thousands of words, of emotions, of sharings are flowing in the large world-wide community of General Chapter 27.

On the picture you could witness one of the breaks - two Salesian from Argentina (Br. Hugo and Fr. Guillermo - regional of Africa) and two Salesians from Africa (Br. Marco from Zimbabwe and Fr. Simon from Kenya) sharing together. Indeed very important sign of the two faces of Salesian vocation, which we can't miss at any cost (in spite of the statistics!)

Thousands of dialogues are flowing on every day in the general house!

But many delegates are asking less words and more 'powerful' sings, gestures... like those of Pope Francis.

Not easy to produce - those signs or gestures are flowing from deep unity with God, not coming out by accident!  I would like to share just 3 hints of today

1. A 'recycled' (second time) provincial suggests to rethink the Pisana, 1111 as headquarters of the Congregation for the witness sake - telling it would be the best chapter document! And why not!

2. French provincial, famous cartoon artist (Papi) did produced already some 25 items, all of them done with deep Salesian sense of identity, humour and passion. His constant effort (already the 3rd general chapter of this kind of service) is also a wonderful - loudly speaking sign!

3. Good number of delegates prayes the Rosary in small groups every day after dinner, walking around the house or (if too cold) in the Pisana corridors.

Yes, we need more of these simple, but powerful signs in order to make visible Don Bosco today for the sake of millions of young people, who are in touch with us!

Saint John Bosco, pray for us!

Witness (1) Primacy of God

  04:00:00 pm, by Klement   , 322 words  

Witness (1) Primacy of God

GC27 started officially on March 3, 2014.

   The first day as usual, was the most difficult. The long marathon of listening, from 6:30 AM until 10:30 PM (prayer, meditation, homily, songs, talks - talks and talks, again explanation and at the end of the day the music - wonderful concert).


Listen to. Listen to God. Listen to God speaking in his Word.

Listen to God speaking in his sons!

What does it mean to LISTEN to my brothers?

Probably the main point is to listen to the LIFE WITNESS: what God does do in their lives, through their lives: 

Main motivation of any Church or Congregation renewal on the human level are the models - life witness shared amongst us!  Hence the pedagogy of 'good practices' as a indispensible method (narration).

Narration  as a method,  might be the main interest of the GC27 participants. Main output of this Salesian Pentecost are the Salesians turned animators of animators (=rectors) by sharing own personal or community life experience.

That means a special interest about sharing of process-generating 'good practices' (cammino!) of transformation. In this way we are able to launch or relaunch some 'vital' experiences of radical life witness in the daily life. The personal conversion will produce also the pastoral conversion - so much wanted!

I'm asking myself in these days one main question:  

What we are looking for (apart of the elections, sharing...) during the GC27? What want the provincials and delegates bring back to their respective provinces?

Lenten season, starting tomorrow will help us to have a fuel to this renewal - with the focus on God (always FIRST?! in our communities), on His Word, on His Mercy towards us! Lord, have mercy on us, have mercy on me!

Yes, there is (almost) no sense to speak about the Primacy of God in our life, our brothers and sister they need to watch, to see it through our attitudes and life witness! This is the main challenge of our GC27 'busineness'...!

Radical witness (10) Jesus Christ

  12:29:00 am, by Klement   , 397 words  

Radical witness (10) Jesus Christ

March 2, 2014


First week of the General Chapter 27 is over (still missing 6 more weeks until April 12)

The Pilgrimage to the Holy Places of Don Bosco and Spiritual retreat about Discipleship with Fr. Juan Jose is over. Really it was a powerful wind of the Holy Spirit.

The gift and demands of Jesus, as perceived and lived by Don Bosco are strong! The Gospel is asking too much and our-my answer is not very radical. Really the Saturday of the retreat (in spite of the flu which is now affecting some 30% of Chapter members) was strong impact.

Jesus - sent by the Father, caring about all and serving all as in the Eucharist!

The Redemptoris Mater Chapel mosaic on the photo is on the cover of the Spanish version of Juan Jo's book, too. Jesus kneeling in front of his disciples, Don Bosco kneeling in front of his Salesians and his boys!

Every Holy Thursday serving the Last Supper Mass in different places during past 12 years: washing the feets of Papua New Guinea aspirants, Mexico - Ciudad Juarez Oratory youth, South Africa Johannesburgh parish... those are strong experience of ?me as disciple of Jesus. But is very hard to get into his daily 'servant lifestyle'.

Yesterday one Salesian bishop asked me, how much are we ready for this 'radical Gospel witness Chapter'. Really, is not easy to answer! ?We read the Gospel, we try to understand the options of Don Bosco - but to live it now and here - it's a great challenge.

Probably the way to the future is coming from?

- pondering on the pedagogy of good practices in the 8 regions (what helps us to be more mystics? which communities are shining signs of prophecy? or how to kneel in front of the poor youth ..?)

- discern the geography of the Salesian charism alive (it's about some basic elements which guarantee more vital and witnessing Salesian spirit - praying together the Word of God or praying together the Rosary, good night talk-alive communities, personal talk practised provinces..)

- or simply to have a deeper look into the dynamics of the 'ongoing formation' - both in the local communities daily life or on the special occasions like the Quito-Ecuador Formation center which brought to Don Bosco many Salesians and Lay Mission Partners..

It will be not an easy General Chapter.

Come, o Holy Spirit ?and change our hearts, bring us closer to Jesus and Don Bosco!

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