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Radical witness (9) Daily Conversion ?

  07:31:00 am, by Klement   , 343 words  

Radical witness (9) Daily Conversion ?

February 28 - Reconciliation Day of the GC27

As usual, at the beginning of the General Chapter after 3 day DonBosco Holy Places Pilgrimage, there is 4 days of spiritual retreat in the General House. This time the topic is about 'Profile of the new Salesian' (Mystics - Prophet - Servant).

Preparing for the confession time, I ponder on the 'ongoing conversion' need in our life. Of course, every conversion of human heart to God is a grace. It's our Father who is attracting us to Himself. There are quite few stories of people who did convert from this to that religions ('converts'), like these:

I have now on my table an 'old' (ed. 1975) booklet written by a Colomban missionary society member about 'Budhists find Christ' (stories of Burma, China, Japan, Korea, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Vietnam'.

Just few lines from a Myanmar (Burmese) story

... About two months after our liberation (guerillas in the mountains) I was baptized, taking Augustin as my Christian name. No word of objection was or of disapproval was uttered by my father, my friends and my superiors. God has shown me every mercy and granted me a wealth of graces to make me understand His will. Slowly He converted my, making me act and endure according to His design and not according to my own desires..

[I would reccomend to you this pocket book for inspiring reading any time!]

But it's very rare to have an insight, how to keep the daily conversion of Jesus disciples going on!

Indeed the RENEWAL, so much asked by the Popes, by the Church .. seems be very difficult task! Our preacher (Fr. Juan Jose Bartolome) and our homilist today (ZBM provincial - Fr. George Chaliserry) spurred us today - on the penitential day - to move ahead.

Our (my!) lifetime is short!

Our (my!) listening to Jesus is never enough!

Our (my!) focus on Jesus cruficied and risen need to be daily re-focused!

Mother Mary, please, help me to start afresh often (daily? monthly?)as a new disciples and missionaries of Jesus! Mother of Jesus, Mother of Jesus disciples, pray for us!

Radical witness (8) Becchi roots

  09:23:00 am, by Klement   , 195 words  

Radical witness (8) Becchi roots

Three days pilgrimage to the Roots

February 22-24, 2014


It's over, we are tired but very happy back in Rome, General House. It was a very short, but very intense roots-experience in Valdocco, Becchi and Turin.

This timber-carved statue of Mary Help of Christians in the Church of St. John the Evangelist struck my attention a lot, because of it's history:

one of the few remaining pieces of timber which remains from the original house in Becchi (Cascina Biglione) where Don Bosco was born!

exposed at the altar of the Church of St. Giovanni Evangelista (place of the first out-of-Valdocco Oratory of St.Louis), reminds us of the roots: Don Bosco was born in Becchi, all of us (as we were reminded by Cardinal Severino) were born in Becchi. Humble roots of poor village with a deep faith and hardworking population.

On the Nine-year-dream picture we observe Mary guiding hand-in-hand little Johny towards his mission. Hand in hand... this was the most striking image, paradigm of this 3 day pilgrimage to the roots.

Mary, Help of Christians, pray for us! - guide us! protect us! help us to listen to the Holy Spirit and open more our hearts to Him! 

Radical witness (7) Joyful in Don Bosco's Rooms

  12:54:00 am, by Klement   , 242 words  

Radical witness (7) Joyful in Don Bosco's Rooms

February 22, 2014


First day of the General Chapter is over, really full of events.

The two smiling faces of Mrs. Deborah and Fr. Piotr in the Rooms of Don Bosco at Valdocco is the most impressive symbol of the day - so many people did contribute, and are contributing to prepare the BICENTENARY of DON BOSCO with love. Also in the rooms of Don Bosco the leaflefts now in some 10+ languages are the 'silent' testimony. Welcome to Don Bosco!

Wake up in Rome at 4 AM, go to be in Valdocco at 24 PM.  Twenty hours on the bus, start to mix with the other 220 Chapter delegates - many familiar faces and not-so-many familiar Don Bosco's from all around the world.

Almost 10 hours to reach Valdcocco from Rome, helping some late comers to get in (at Valdocco).

During the initial Eucharist at Valdocco the sense of gratitude was overhelming - to many colourful faces of brothers in Don Bosco, with so many backgrounds, personal vocation and mission stories were thanked for. Really 'to globalize the Charism of Don Bosco' - so many in past 150+ years did contribute!

The short talks, greetings, meal, drama prepared with love and professional touch by the Nave postnovices was the crown to the first day at Valdocc - all around 

- Da mihi animas, cetera tolle!

- Ten diamonds dream message!

- Don Bosco himself - to be loved more, to be known more, to be invoked, to be imitated and make known!

Saint John Bosco, pray for us!

Radical witness (6) Shining as Don Bosco

  01:36:00 pm, by Klement   , 170 words  

Radical witness (6) Shining as Don Bosco


February 20 (D-2)

Last two days befor the GC27, good number of the non European delegates already reached Pisana (most of the European delegates will go straight to Torino, Valdocco).

Hence, all the preparations are going on in this house of 'La Pisana' - from the digital cleaning to the external (large park, roads...) and also the statue of Don Bosco with the (only) two teenagers in the house was recently 'touched' for better (cleaning every 6 years!).

As you could see on the small picture, really it looks 'brand new'. The shining feature of Don Bosco reminds me the shining life witness value of Don Boscos' Life.

It's a good reminder for the (almost) two months long chapter period, what does matter!

As usuall, I'm just trying to pray the 'Give me the souls and take away all the rest' prayer with my whole heart and soul and ask the assistance of the Holy Spirit often.

Saint John Bosco, pray for us!

Saint John Bosco, help us to live more shining lives!

Radical witness (5) Joy of the Gospel

  09:58:00 pm, by Klement   , 208 words  

Radical witness (5) Joy of the Gospel

Joy of the Gospel - Evangelii Gaudium


Today was a very special day. Most of the morning time we spent in the RAI (Italian government TV-Radio broadcasting station) with the Rector Major and other 5 councilors. The 'RAI world' program of 'Cristianita' is watched all around the globe by some 70 millions of viewers.  An experienced St. Paul sister Myriam is accompanying each Sunday.

Yes, this was a fruits of the Don Bosco 200 launching press conference (February 6), we were very welcomed due to the international experience (during the program also one Australian SDB and one Camerun SDB were connected). And the wonderful Obama-Don Bosco video was shared thanks to the RAI all around the world (5 minute presentation of the DB200!)

But what most caught my attention was the 6 minute-review of past 7 days of Pope Francis. Especially his homily about the Eucharist was really a deep and long lasting experience. His personal witness is a great gift, from which now many (especially those who live in Rome) every day get a new inspiration, light and encouragement on the disciple way.

The apostolic exhortation 'Evangelii Gaudium' (The joy of the Gospel) is now every day in my hands, for reading and meditation. Indeed this might be enough for the Salesian Congregation 6 year journey.... 

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