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CIN15-Coloane Salesian out-reach since 1963

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CIN15-Coloane Salesian out-reach since 1963
CIN15-Coloane Salesian out-reach since 1963

It's already 62 years ago when Fr. Gaetano Nicosia received the permission to work and live with the hansenian patients in this remote corner of Macau (those time still a Portoghese colony). On the black-white picture you can still see the original shape of the edge of this Macau island 50 years ago.

From the frontline work with the suffering people (still the Center of St. Lucia with St. Anne sisters is there, now under large re-building), but the work grew a lot in past 30 years

- Escuela Dom Luis Versiglia (1985) - boarding school for the youth in need...

- Don Bosco Formation Center for the Youth (2000)

- Outreach in the Macau town: Oasis Youth Pastoral Center

All in all 125 Lay Mission Partners, majority of them young are working hand in hand with the 5 SDB of this Coloane community to reach out in different services the youth of Macau (some 10% of the school population in Macau s accompanied by the Salesians SDB - FMA in 8 different schools) with school counselling, parenting service for the adults (starting) ...

OPEN HEART - DB 200 chinese style

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OPEN HEART - DB 200 chinese style

The logo of the Don Bosco Bicentenary around the East Asia Oceania provinces is made in many 'local' version.

China Province logo with two heart and half does speaks a lot!

An OPEN HEART open to connect, to include other in the dynamics

of the Salesian Family for the benefit of the youngsters

Jesus at the Center: powerful biblical icon

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Jesus at the Center: powerful biblical icon
Jesus at the Center: powerful biblical icon

It's already 11 months ago whne we have chosen in the General Chapter 27 this biblical icon of JESUS-VINE TREE as the companion on our conversion journey until 2020.

Really the 300 years old beautiful Greek icon shines the beauty of Jesus,

The Gospel of John, chapter 15, 1-11 is the background of this image.

Also during the first EAO provincials meeting after GC27 in Hong Kong (March 2015) we have chosen as the main topic of our joint recollection

2015 Year of the Lamb-Ram-Sheep-Goat with Jesus

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2015 Year of the Lamb-Ram-Sheep-Goat with Jesus
2015 Year of the Lamb-Ram-Sheep-Goat with Jesus

2015 LUNAR NEW YEAR already started.

As often happens, the Lenten season of Fasting - Prayer - Almsgiving is 'overlapped' with the Chinese - Korean - Vietnamese Lunar year - started yesterday on February 19,2015.

Indeed the blending of Lenten season and start of the Chinese New Year is quite common. Follow Jesus - Lamb of God, Good Shepherd of his Sheep.. with many parables about sheeps and goats...



BEING TRANSFORMED from SHEEPS TO SHEPHERDS like in the dream of Don Bosco..

HAPPY NEW YEAR of the YANG (sheep-goat-ram-lamb)!!!


Jesus in the streets of Hong Kong

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Jesus in the streets of Hong Kong
Jesus in the streets of Hong Kong


Who are you?

Just in front of the provincial house in Hong Kong is living one old man already for many years under the elevated road. As every big city in Asia, also Hong Kong streets are full of contradictions - rich and poor, hustle and busy for own profit OR just left behind the competition. 

When Pope Francis visited (by chance?) one of the street children homes in Manila last January, the whole world was watching. But there are thousand of street children and street families in any big city of our EAO region - from Sydney to Tokyo.

It's very meaningful that the PONTIFICAL COUNCIL of LAITY took as the study team for 2015 the Catholic mission in the CITY.. which is exactly the Salesian Missionary topic for 2015-2020. 

Jesus would often ask me, ask us Salesian: Where are you? How did you treat me when I'm coming to meet you in the homeless people or street children.

Good Lord, give us the charity spirit, the wisdom and courage to action - to be able to SEE you, to MEET you and to HELP you in all our big cities of the EAO (East Asia - Oceania) region, where you are alive in the streets..

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