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Commitment makes difference - PNG prepares for DB200!

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Commitment makes difference - PNG prepares for DB200!

One of the best fruits of DB 200 celebrations going on in the EAO region.

After 3 days of Salesian Youth Camp in Papua New Guinea (East Boroko, 200 students from 5 Don Bosco Schools offered their commitment for the Jubilee year!



1.      To show and to share love.

2.      I commit myself to be consistent in my spiritual life

3.      To become a successful person in future and also become a servant leader to lead the sheep

4.      I wish to be a good Bosconian. To have a successful bicentenary celebration next year with love and peace. Pray for fruits back at home

5.      I commit to try my best to do my duties extra-ordinarily well. To excel in what I’m capable to do. To teach and inspire people.

6.      I will commit myself to God the Father and also uphold Don Bosco virtues, to do my study.

7.      Enroll for business studies UPNG, se the platform for compact business system

8.      To attend Mass, to pray for my family and my people.

9.      Studies, spiritual to strengthen my faith, my school work, my family.

10.  Study, become good person, have good understanding, knowledge and wisdom.

11.  To commit myself to my school and lead others in the way of father Don Bosco, as I learnt in this camp of leadership.

12.  I must be the servant leader in everything I do from now on.


14.  I would like to commit myself to you Lord as a good servant leader, commit my studies..

15.  Complete my final year successfully, pray for my servant leadership, take care about my parents, take care of my health.

16.  I pledge the following to you my Lord: obedience, love and respect!

17.  Submitting all my requirements in order to graduate.

18.  I want to be the best I can. I want to love my life. I want to be a better person, to be less sad.

19.  I commit myself in your hands Lord, my family to you my Lord!

20.  Faithful to my duty and honest life!

21.  To be patient and to listen to your call every day of my life!

22.  Following Don Bosco’s life, every day in my own life!

23.  To be more steadfast as Salesian, to be less tightened, frightened, to serve God with joy in the Salesian family for the youth!

24.  My friend, I love you and want to be your friend always. Please, help me to be true to you and forgive me all my unpleasant ways. Give me a grateful heart.

25.  I would like to perform ordinary task extra ordinarily to do God’s work.

26.  God help me with my school study and come to my dream.

27.  If I am still a Bosconian, will make sure I take part in every activity.

28.  Commitment to the Lord: Good Lord, send me the Holy Spirit and guide me to do thing what is right in your eyes and also to commit myself in order what learn today in this camp.

29.  To stay humble and always willing to those who need help. But before that, make Jesus be my best friend and helper!

30.  I commit myself to continue the work Don Bosco through being a servant leader by leading examples of work and to be a Bosconian forever. I also commit myself to study hard, in order to be successful and become better person in the future.

31.  I must at least to do well my schoolwork

32.  To be a true Bosconian.

33.  To be true to Don Bosco’s virtues.

34.  Father God I want you to help me with my understanding and give me good knowledge of yours and help me to be good person in the future. Amen.

35.  LIVING FOR JESUS forever!

36.  Dear Lord, those are my resolutions, please, help me and give me strength to make it through the storm: quit drinking alcohol, quit smoking and chewing, do my studies well, come for Mass every Sunday, constant confession, be faithful to Jesus always, love you Lord with all my heart, regular prayer life. Mother Mary, Help of Christians, pray for us!

37.  Do want to follow you. Not to put on the pleasure on the earth.

38.  To be more active in the preparation to the bicentenary of Don Bosco.

39.  School work and prayer, obedience to God and lovely reminders.

40.  Praying for peace in the world, the homeless and the sick, especially my mom!

41.  Going to Church and study hard!

42.  Commitment.

43.  Commitment to my studies, be an active participant in all activities organized by the school, be a good servant leader and a good role model to others…

44.  Commitment to God and schoolwork.

45.  My commitment: prayer, attending Church regularly, true Bosconian servant leader

46.  As Bosconian I should be a participant for this camp and all the year of Don Bosco to be more involved in all activities that will come.

47.  My family, my friends and I to the Lord in order to follow Don Bosco. As our role model and make next year camp the successful one.

48.  To know Don Bosco as much as I can.

49.  Personal commitment to serve and lead as Bosconian, to be a servant leader to the young.

50.  To put into practice the Bosconian spirituality rather than just knowing it.

51.  Attend all school matters, be committed as servant leader, uphold all school rules, do well in school work, be an example as a Bosconian.

52.  To commit myself to do religious work in our school according to the Salesian spirit.

53.  To be an active Bosconian in my community (Yangoru) to carry out the roles that Father Bosco do to gather young people.

54.  Commitment to my school work, to bring my family to Church - to Christ, be a true Bosconian, go to Church every Sunday, commit my life to the Lord.

55.  I will always do and follow Don Bosco’s way of life and also live this way!

56.  Lead others by show good examples, respect to one another, study hard to fulfill my dreams!

57.  To be honest and committed to my responsibilities, to speak the truth freely, try to be happy as much as possible.

58.  Commitment towards my studies. Committed to activities that are organized by the school.

59.  Committed to studies

60.  Live Don Bosco’s life more meaningfully by following what he teaches, more on the life of Jesus

61.  Commit myself to the Lord that I will always do my work with joy!

62.  Lord, I want to be good and generous and understand other, commit more the studies and youth group.

63.  To sit for my term exam next week and also to become successful person in the future

64.  To put first priority in my studies

65.  Commit myself fully to do my ordinary duties extraordinarily well, avoid bad companions.

66.  To serve and do my daily responsibilities extraordinarily well by being a young lasallian and Bosconian servant leader.

67.  Confession, school work.


69.  To keep on trying till I succeed. To be the best can be.

70.  Will do the things that Don Bosco wants us to do. I will be the good role play for coming Bosconians.

71.  Commitment to my studies, schoolings and the music ministry.

72.  I pray to be a good, honest and committed servant leader, always faithful to the duties as Lord wants. Always be punctual, faithful always.

73.  You know what I want already.

74.  To go to my school and tok about Bosco life and don’t’ forget about God.

75.  To go to school every day and serve the Lord our God.

76.  Better soccer player, have a good life in future.

77.  Prayer, receive Jesus regularly in Church services.

78.  Commit myself to personal daily prayers, studies, role as a captain, towards my parents.

79.  To be helpful and participate well in the celebration.

80.  Commit myself to my studies and maintain the Bosconian values and quality, be prayerful.

81.  I must stop drinking until exam, give my best in my studies, I must put God first in my life!

82.  Intention – commit myself to fulfill my duties and be hones in everything I do.

83.  I as an individual would like to live a prayerful life….

84.  I must be honest in my words and in my thoughts to others and myself…

85.  I will always commit myself to the service to those who serve the Lord..

86.  It’s nice to overcome my shyness and gain confidence to talk and know others..

87.  Stop drinking until after exam. Go to school with no lates and absents.

88.  Lord, enable me as the young servant leader to carry out my daily duties with love and humility as I encounter the challenges which are ahead of me.

89.  Come to Mass every Sunday, to get message God cares for me.

90.  Commit to offer good example to others, follow time.

91.  To know Don Bosco.

92.  True Don Bosco he became a better person then I was before.

93.  Live Don Bosco’s spirituality, learn and love Don Bosco.

94.  I commit myself in study and prayer.

95.  Give my best in participating with the help of God.

96.  Frequent communion, frank confession, good Christian and honest citizen, servant leader, competence and character.

97.  I will commit myself to do my ordinary duties, extraordinarily well in my family, church, school, education. Amen.

98.  I want to be committed to my family, my studies, my duties as a leader in school and at home. And most of all I want to be committed in putting God first in all I do in my life!

99.  Be good and shun evil, the devil fears a happy man.

100.        Personal commitment  is to attend Sunday Masses every week and to be a good leader to others as a good Christian and honest citizen.

101.       I commit myself to my studies, to be servant leader, honor Mama Mary, honest in doing my studies, daily prayers

102.       Be of good service towards others.

103.       I commit myself to prayer and caring for others.

104.       I must commit myself to the activities organized towards the Bicentenary of Don Bosco

105.       I humbly offer I to you dear Jesus – help me to be always obedient to my daily duties without complains, to be faithful and humble myself in every aspect of my life (to you Jesus)

106.       I commit my family, my friends, my studies in to your hands, Lord!

107.       To be caring and loving!

108.       As for myself, I thank that I have committed to all of the activities, which happened in this year 2014. Salesian youth camp, I have learned a lot this past few days, as servant and I humble say a humble prayer that I will be a good and humble servant leader.

109.       To be honest and servant leader. Take part in the next SYC, fully participate in all events.

110.       To be committed to attend meetings, to be faithful and participate in every activities.

111.       Be a good leader.

112.       In this camp I did learn a lot, it was an inspirational event. I want to be committed in my studies, Church activities and youth group. I want to be a obedient child.

113.       To be of service to others.

114.       I commit myself to my only Lord God, my education and my family.

115.       My commitment: in prayer, in participation and in Holy Eucharist.

116.       Lord, now this Sunday I’m writing to u a help me so in my commitment to my school work and to my family stay as it is even in deep in my failure. I ask you in your name.Amen.

117.       To be a Salesian also pray for the Caritas who will be sitting for the exam.

118.       To improve my confidence and also for studies, also the leadership at our own school.

119.       Pray for the homeless, abandoned and less fortunate.

120.       I’m committing myself to Don Bosco and I want to follow his footsteps and become like him in the future. I want to commit to my studies, school work and so on.

121.       Commitment to my school work, active participation in all organized school activities.

122.       I will continue pray to the Lord to make that the next incoming camp will be a mysterious, wonderful, meaningful and memorable in my life.

123.       Always be committed and willing to serve others as Bosconian.

124.       As my last year at DBTS I commit to be a model Bosconian to people in my community and keep upholding to Bosconian virtues and code of ethics Don Bosco shared me.

125.       Lord I thank you for everything you done for me. Lord I offer all my examination, since I did not review my notes. I offer you all of us gathered here in this camp and our parents.

126.       I commit myself to my studies so that I could have a successful and happy life in the future.

127.       I will commit myself by responding to whatever my authorities want.

128.       Heavenly Father in this Eucharist celebration I ask you and invoke the presence of the Holy Spirit to be with us and also I pray that you blessed and help me to become a good leader and be a role model of Don Bosco, Father and Teacher of the Youth.

129. To be participating in more religious activities; to give up bad practices and bad ethics, to listen and              allow God to do whatever he wants to do with me..

Life-long learning - Fr. Dong!

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Life-long learning - Fr. Dong!
Life-long learning - Fr. Dong!

What's the secret of true Salesian ONGOING (CONTINUOUS) formation?

During my third encounter for the FIS - Philippines South (CEBU province) next provincial consultation meeting (Sept 20, Negros Island) i reached yesterday the first Salesian school in the Philippines - VICTORIAS (1951).

There is a nice 8 SDB strong community, with two practical trainees - and one of them is from Vietnam (Br Hoan on the picture). Thanks to Fr. Dong (a 'strong' and very friendly, easy to be approached-personality on both pictures) his English is improving day by day. Indeed Fr. Donato (DONG) is famous for past 10 years to accompany with patience many of the practical trainees sent from Vietnam to Cebu in their first steps of English learning. 

In the same time after lunch (when was the other picture taken) I was able to see fr. Dong receiving a literacy lesson about the social media by the parish priest of St.Joseph the Worker Salesian parish of Victorias - Fr. Joemar. Indeed not all who are experts in languages are good in the IT...

What is the secret of ongoing formation?

There are many factors.

But probably the most important is a humble heart and open mind, to learn every day something new - in order to serve better the others.

Evviva Fr. Dong!

Don Bosco - Solomon Islands going 20 years old!

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Don Bosco - Solomon Islands going  20 years old!
Don Bosco - Solomon Islands going  20 years old!


Twenty years ago first Salesians from Japan arrived to Honiara to explore the start of our first mission in this wonderful country! Next year in 1995 the first Salesian community was started. 

Two pictures (one of 1995 and one of 2014) reflects the changing SDB faces of past twenty years.

Preparing (hopefully!) the ever first visit of the Rector Major to the Solomon Islands (May 2015) we thanks God and to the founders, pioneers from Japan province and all Salesians who contributed to the growth of our educational institutions:

- GIVE THANKS for all young people who passed through the Tetere parish, Henderson Don Bosco technical school and Tetere Rural training center

- GIVE THANKS for all lay mission partners - expatriate volunteers from Italy, Australia, Philippines, PNG and many other countries who helped to develop the structures or contribute to the education - pastoral committment.

- GIVE THANKS for all FMA sisters

- GIVE THANKS for the first Solomon Islands aspirants, Br. Jefferson (now in Manila)

- GIVE THANKS for all benefactors who helps us to carry on this mission in past 20 years (from Japan, Europe, Italy, Australia and many other countries...)

Remains one good question - what might be the best gifts to offer to Don Bosco for his 200th Birthday, especially in the presence of the 10th successor of Don Bosco next May 2015?




Model for each season - Martyrs and Saints!

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Model for each season - Martyrs and Saints!

Each season of autumn many people in East Asia celebrate the FULL MOON FESTIVAL, on the 15th day of the eight months. This year of 2014 this FALL FESTIVAL is celebrated on September 8.

For the Church in Korea each September is a month of their Shining Witness - MARTYRS for Christ.

Yesterday i got the provincial newsletter from Korea with provincial sharing to the rectors and all confreres. It's about humility - main virtue and characteristics of all disciples of Jesus.

Admire the Saints, admire the Martyrs is easy - follow them is very demanding. However they help me to keep my eyes always fixed on Jesus! Saint Andrea Kim Tae Gon, Blessed Paul and 123 companions are the best friends on our journey. 

Really, the martyrs of Korea were very faithful followers of Jesus - they broke with their cultural bonds (social system, family ties) just to love Jesus and organize their life according Jesus's way.. and they paid for it! 

Noble people who treated their slaves as their brothers and sisters. Rich people who gave up all their riches for the sake of loving their neighbour!

Remembering in these days the Salesian Family of Korea, Vietnam and China (who celebrate this Full Moon Feast of Autumn) i give thanks for all these numerous martyrs in confucian countries who gave their LIFE WITNESS to JESUS... with their whole heart and whole life given up!


Canlubang 2014 - Happy Worries!

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Canlubang 2014 - Happy Worries!
Canlubang 2014 - Happy Worries!

Philippines, Province of Laguna, Canlubang 2014

After celebrating 50 years of foundation of this 'Salesian Valdocco' of the Philippines North (three SDB communities and other 2 FMA communities in one joint compound!) last year of 2013, I was able to spend some time with the Aspirants and Prenovices (45+), with the 20 Postnovices and the Salesian community of the Don Bosco College (from kindergarten, high school to the college) and all (majority young Salesians) committed to education, evangelization and formation!

Indeed the main worry?! now is the lack of space in the dorms, in the study room, in the chapel...  Happy worries!

Thanks to the growing number of vocations in the two Filipino provinces, there are now each year growing the numbers of the candidates, young Salesians.

Yesterday visiting the postnovitiate i got the best gift of this starting month - more than seven young confreres shared in the personal dialogue their missionary vocation dream in different stages of discernment! Thanks be to God!

With a prayer for ongoing growth of the Salesian vocation culture in this largest Catholic country of Asia!

Saint John Bosco, pray for us!

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