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Un invito per raccontare Gesù - 2012

  03:25:24 pm, by Klement   , 289 words  

Un anno nuovo 2012

Sto vicino al mare coreano, tre ore in macchina da Seoul, con altri 25 confratelli salesiani durante gli Esercizi Spirituali: un invito per RITORNARE A DON BOSCO. Un tempo di grazia,
poter pregare e condividere, vicino al cuore di Don Bosco, vicino a Gesù.

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  10:02:49 am, by Klement   , 475 words  

Christmas 2011

The best Christmas gift! How grateful we are for the Love of God, for His coming amongst us as a Babe in the poverty of Bethlehem!

For sure, Jesus is the best gift, also 2000 years later.
The only need is to kneel down, adore, give thanks and be surprised again by his closeness to us also today.

Yes, also many materials gifts are given and received during this time.
Hundreds of postcards and thousands of Emails are flying all over the world. But not only...

Especially this Christmas there are some Salesian provinces who are receiving a special Christmas gift - no cash, no cards, no material thing - but a living missionary, a new confrere coming from far away!

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Un cardinale con Don Bosco

  08:41:03 am, by Klement   , 174 words  

Compleanno del Rettor Maggiore (decima volta - 20 dicembre 2011)

Roma, Casa generalizia

Come ogni anno una festa molto attesa, dire grazie per il dono della vita del caro Rettor Maggiore dei Salesiani. Un'Eucaristia, un pranzo con una semplice 'academia' in famiglia.

Venuti due vescovi salesiani, madre generale FMA con 3 consigliere, presenti 13 ispettori dei 4 continenti e tutta la grande comunità della Pisana.

Quasi alla fine del pranzo dopo un saluto del Rettor Maggiore
unico cardinale presente ha preso la parola.
Card. Rafael Farina si firma ancora oggi 'DON' Farina!

Le sue parole semplici hanno commosso molti:
Sono molto grato di essere figlio di Don Bosco.
Siamo una delle poche congregazione religiose che si ricollegano spesso al Fondatore, che pregano a lui, che lo fanno presente.

Non possiamo essere sorpresi abbastanza dal dono di Don Bosco
per noi, per la Chiesa e per tutti i giovani del mondo.
Don Bosco è grande, è inesauribile!

Prima di predicare gli Esercizi Spirituali
per i confratelli della Corea sul tema:
Conoscere Don Bosco (Strenna del 2012),
ringrazio il Signore per nostro 'Don' Farina.

How can I contribute to the Project Europe?

  10:18:11 pm, by Klement   , 1413 words  

Sharing of 33 Salesian missionaries present in Europe
(Rome, first encounter - 2011, November 25-27)

What can I do, what is my personal contribution in my local/provincial community for restoring vitality of Salesian Charism

Getting to know Don Bosco and his teachings:

Practice and also whenever possible teach/share the Salesian preventive system/style with others (not only with the Salesian Cooperators, Lay mission partners, animators but also with the native Salesians) – especially where the formation system is not yet structured. Try to be deeply rooted in Don Bosco and draw from his life, offering my life for the salvation of souls. To be, first and foremost, a Salesian of Don Bosco in my community and wherever I am sent. I will use the life of Don Bosco as a source for my talks, preaching and even for my daily conversations with the young people. Continue to learn Salesianity by serious reading and live out more visibly.

Built up community life and family spirit within our community:

To share a real community life, take part in every community moments, share a common project, get to know the confreres, transcend the barriers of differences and use this differences as an advantage for Unity, share my experiences and make concrete proposals for the betterment of Community life, be patient and try to understand the others, show special care to the Confreres advanced in age. I would like everyday to pray with the rest of the community. I will try to re-introduce the idea of sharing experiences at the end of the day just in a few sentences. I will speak more positively about my new confreres and my mission in my new country. Presence in the community as witness, while giving priority to community life. To be opened to the project at the provincial level, to be available and take part and help in the fulfillment of various activities at the provincial level. I will animate the moments of liturgy for the community. I will commit myself in the international formation house to animate weekly moments of missionary prayer, community board, spreading the Cagliero11.

Grow as a spiritual person:

To be more faithful and regular in personal prayer life. I would like to pray with the community every day. I will be available for administering sacraments within the community.
I will put more focus on the sacrament of confession, which is being forgotten: I will talk about it in my talks, homilies. I want to be serious about my religious life in terms of praying the rosary, the daily prayers, having a spiritual director

To be more present among the young to whom we are sent:

To join the youth where they are so that they can join us where we are; to be one of them so as to help them come one of us. Be available to listen to them. I will make a more serious effort in preparing relevant homilies. The Salesians are not just jokers or clowns, who can say nothing serious about anything.
I will give a special emphasis to the sacrament of confession in the school where I work, in the first place by regularly making a confession myself. I will commit myself to the vocational promotion.

Personal witness of positive, optimistic and joyful lifestyle:

Make my presence more joyful in common gatherings and meetings. Optimistic life view: don’t’ be stopped by those not-so-good happenings, but give all my energies to the alternative and positive solutions! Be part of the solution!

What will I do for making our Salesian presence where I live more meaningful/ significant?

Sometimes, what we do, may not appear significant to us, but others are telling us that it is so good that we are there with them, we are joyful and loving. This does encourage us!

Provide the contribution to the work for poorer youth and the migrants:

We will commit to this mission especially in big cities like London, Wien, Paris etc.
We will try to minister the boys and girls in crisis who come from broken families: I will try to help them by counseling, by being present to them and by being available to them.
Invite the migrant youth to our community setting and introduce to other native Salesians.

Creative ways of our youth ministry:

I will try do my best to make a difference without being overpowered by the currents of the modern secularized society.
I will try to meet the families that come to our churches especially on Sundays after the Holy Eucharist and during the moments of Agape.
Spend time with the young people who are in our contact. Find creative ways and means to relate with them meaningfully. Give priority to build relationship with the young.
Better animation of liturgy in our parish.

Developing strong relationship with the confrers – witness of communion:

Some expressed the difficulties in community life were a great obstacle in their work. They felt their presence was a ‘negative’ in the community. We are learning to love and accept each other.
Our being present more is important than our work. Maybe sometimes we are reduced to a mere work force. Witness to the community life, common planning of community pastoral activities.
Small things like notice board preparation - take initiatives to share joy, hope and happiness.

Formation in our daily life (ongoing):

I will care about human and spiritual formation on the community level. Organize and animate liturgy in the community.

Sharing of Salesian Charism in our life and mission:

Make more explicit and visible the knowledge of Don Bosco and his Charism (books, videos, social communications means). Recover our traditions in catechetical and educative field.

What will I do for facilitating my integration into the life and mission of my new province?

Learning the local language and culture:

I will learn the language of the province well, with renewed interest and commitment. I will get to know the historical background of the province. Get to know the basics of culture and grasp the local values system.

Deeper involvement on the local community level:

I will be honest and open to the director and to the provincial of my province.
Share and give more information about myself and my own culture to the confrers.
Learn to spend time with the native Salesians as much as possible.
Be transparent and give information about your local contacts and friends to the community.

Involvement on the provincial community level:

Get involved in province activities or the missionaries are given responsibilities on the province level. To be present and to actively participate in all the provincial-level meetings and programs: feasts, conferences, birthday celebrations, funerals, etc. Not because I have to be there, but because I would like to be there!
Visiting different houses and getting to know the confreres and the specific situations and challenges in the province.
Bridge the generation gap among the old native confrers and young native confrers.
I would like to be in touch with the pulse of the province by reading the provincial circulars, the province magazines, the website of the province, etc.
Know the Salesian history and some more important Salesian personalities of the new country. Learn the history of my new Province in other to be aware of its progress and the difficulties encountered.

Qualification in a particular field of mission:

Find and create opportunities to mix with our lay mission partner and other people.
In free time, try to volunteer with other churches and secular organizations.

Personal attitudes and qualities to develop:

Practice patience and courage when you are not able to understand certain things and certain people.
Pick up the skills which can make you meaningfully autonomous in the new situation and culture.
Be opened to new ideas, accept to become like a child, a sort of new birth in a new culture.
Begin anew, be patient with oneself, learn, listen, find a new way in a new life, grow in my new culture, embrace it and adopt it so as to be able to bring positive changes where necessary neither by judging nor by condemning. Trust the Community and confreres and express my opinions, my disagreement and my difficulties. Follow the Community Project although it seem strange to me. In time of crises, look for ways, (positive ways) to overcome our period of turbulences.

Thanks be to God for the personal commitment, deep faith
and positive mentality of these 33 new missionaries present in Europe!

fr. Vaclav, SDB

Festa della Mamma globale Immacolata

  02:33:19 pm, by Klement   , 372 words  

8 dicembre 2011

Un giorno dell'Immacolata, Maria Ausiliatrice. Un giorno della DNA della Famiglia Salesiana. Tutti a pregare un Ave Maria con lo stesso cuore di Don Bosco come nella Chiesa di San Francesco d'Assisi a Torino, nel 1841.

La Eucaristia della mattina ho celebrato in una comunità internazionale delle FMA a Roma. Le sorelle di tutto il mondo, insieme con il nuovo ispettore Salesiano della Thailandia.

Proprio oggi è partito (finalmente) un altro missionario vietnamita per la Venezuela. Uno dei 31 che hanno ricevuto il crocifisso missionario a Valdocco tre mesi fa dal Rettor Maggiore.

Proprio oggi ho ricevuto buona notizia da una missione di frontiera, quando il direttore scrive che 'Mother is sweeping the house'. Vuole dire, che non solo i missionari salesiani di quel paese hanno preparato loro cuori alla Festa dell'Immacolata. Hanno anche mandato (finalmente?) dall'internato alcuni giovani che non hanno mostrato una condotta molto morale secondo i criteri cristiani e salesiani. E' la Mamma, che pulisce in moltissime famiglie la casa.

Proprio oggi ho ricevuto un'altra domanda per le missioni, specialmente per il Progetto Europa.Un giovane sacerdote europeo si offre, apparentmente dopo di aver incontrato un suo compagno che ora lavora in Bangladesh già per due anni.
Come sempre si verifica che un esempio, un modello della vita impegnata al 100% contaggia, attrae un altro (salesiano).

Proprio oggi...

Con senso di umile gratitudine crediamo che lo Spirito Santo ha suscitato, con l'intervento materno di Maria, San Giovanni Bosco .. formò in lui un cuore di padre e di maestro, lo guidò nel dar vita a varie forze apostoliche.. (articolo 1 delle Costituzioni salesiane, 1984).

Con senso di umile gratitudine credo che come ha Maria guidato Don Bosco nell'incontro con i primi giovani di Torino, anche oggi ci guida nel cammino per incontrare i giovani di tutti i 5 continenti oggi.

Con senso di umile gratitudine credo a la 'forza di quel Ave Maria' che ci apre la strada, che ci consegna nelle mani del Signore, che ci fa camminare nelle strade per la salvezza dei giovani.

Ave Maria, piena di grazie, il Signore è con te,
benedetta sei tu fra tutte le donne e
benedetto è il frutto del tuo seno, Gesù.

Santa Maria, Madre di Dio,
prega per noi peccatori,
ora e nell'ora della nostra morte.

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