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11 November

  05:03:44 am, by Klement   , 466 words  

Good day! And happy 11th November 2011 from Hyderabad, India.
Just finished the Planning and Development Office seminar with some 90 Salesians and Lay Mission Partners from all around the five continents.

Cagliero11 - as monthly missionary animation bulletin - published with the date of today brings the updated version of Salesian missionary needs for next year of 2012. I hope to pray with the Salesians in Orissa, Muniguda - entrusting this intention to Our Lady.

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Chain of missionary attraction (5)

  11:20:17 pm, by Klement   , 873 words  

Don Bosco Casket is just passing through Chennai Province,India.
On this occasion the provincial Fr. Raphael sent a circular letter about Don Bosco missionary roots as the DNA of our Salesian missionary dimension:

_______________NOVEMBER 2011 - Salesian Missions Month_________________


The priest who started out all alone, with no support from the clergy who also thought he was out of his mind after street kids, today has more than 15,000 Salesians and about 30,000 sisters and consecrated people all over the world who are dedicated to the cause of the poorest.

This Don Bosco, our Father, is in our midst, visiting the lands of his missionary dreams. The month of November reminds us of the Salesian Missions. We as a province have been thinking of promoting missionary vocations and of sending out missionaries to other provinces, both ad extra and ad intra. It is a good occasion to think about the missionary dimension of our vocation and of the example of missionary zeal left us by Don Bosco.

Early signs of Don Bosco as a Missionary!
The following incidents in the life of Don Bosco show the germination of the missionary dimension of the society.

Circular # 12 NOVEMBER 2011

1. In 1844, as Don Bosco was about to leave the Convitto he was considering the possibility of joining the missionary congregation of the Oblates of Virgin Mary and going to the missions. But Don Cafasso intervened and settled the issue and set his mind at rest.

2. Already as a young priest, Don Bosco was interested in reading the Annals and ‘The Edifying Letters’ published by the Society for the Propagation of Faith, and the Pontifical Association of Holy Childhood. And what he learnt from his reading, he would share with his boys to create in them enthusiasm for the missions.

3. In 1848, speaking to James Bellia, one of his oratory boys, “If I had a lot of priests and seminarians, I would send them to preach the Gospel in Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego!”

4. In 1854, in Don Bosco’s premonition about Cagliero’s missionary vocation as he saw a dove descend over the lad’s head and his sick bed surrounded by a group of natives.

5. In 1864, Don Bosco invited Fr Comboni to address the boys on the missions. Around 1869-1870, Fr. Comboni wrote letters to Don Bosco, laying before him a bold plan to establish Salesian works in Africa.

6. From 1868-1870, Charles Lavigerie (later Cardinal), Apostolic Delegate for North Africa, asked Don Bosco for Salesian missionaries.

7. In 1869-70, around 180 missionary Bishops were present in Rome for the First Vatican Council. After the Council, a few bishops visited the Oratory to ask for Salesian missionaries. (Arthur Lenti, Journal of Salesian Studies, 1992. Vol III, No.2. Page 35 –45).

The 5 Missionary Dreams and Messages

Don Bosco’s missionary spirituality comes to the fore in his five missionary dreams. These dreams do not merely project Don Bosco’s hopes for an enduring worldwide Salesian apostolate, but also articulate his certainty about the success of his great life project. Generations of Salesians the world over have referred back to the following dreams and have rightly seen in them a confirmation of their own apostolate.

Dream 1: I realized that they were reciting the rosary, missionaries and natives, peacefully together. After a while one of the missionaries intoned the hymn. “Praise Mary, Ye faithful Tongues;” then everyone with one voice joined in the song.

Dream 2: By sweat and by blood will the natives be returned to the tree and be made pleasing to the Lord of life. With the gentleness of St. Francis de Sales will the Salesians succeed in drawing the peoples of South America to Jesus Christ.

Dream 3: Not with worldly wisdom, not with good health, not with wealth, but with zeal and prayer, will you be able to do much good and further the glory of God and the salvation of souls. I realized that the Salesians are now just sowing the seed. Those who will come after us will gather in the harvest. The Salesians will succeed in bringing this about through humility, work and temperance.
This is a very important piece of advice affecting the future of our missions: let the Salesians and the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians make every effort to promote priestly and religious vocations.

Dream 4: The important thing is that the Salesians do not yield to love of ease and shrink from work. If they do not surrender to the voice of gluttony, they will have a long future assured.
Their labors will bear fruit, because the Lord will stand by them always – provided they will not prove unworthy.

Dream 5: Do not fret. This is for your sons to accomplish, for your son’s sons, and for their sons after them. Only, hold the line firmly. Be on your guard against the error that is so common today – the free mingling by those who cultivate human knowledge with those who pursue divine knowledge. Heavenly wisdom must avoid contact with earthly wisdom. One thing above all must be observed and recommended – that my children practise Mary’s virtue always.

These dreams were always seen as expressions of Don Bosco’s and the Salesian Society’s vocation-mission. (Arthur Lenti, Journal of Salesian Studies, 1993. Vol IV, No.1. Page 56 –60).

American Dream is going on!

  12:43:02 am, by Klement   , 1329 words  

The Team Visit of Interamerican Region (13 Salesian provinces of North, Central and Latin America from USA down to Bolivia)in San Salvador is ending today - October 28.

Thanks to the long term and wise preparation one of the key mission challenges of the Region was dealt with and brought a break-through in the form of a deliberation for a Regional plan for the Hispanic migrant ministry in the USA and beyond.

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Una gracia recibida - Mixes

  02:21:19 am, by Klement   , 611 words  

El mismo dia, 22 de octubre hace 49 anos salieron los primeros tres misioneros salesianos para la mision entre los Mixes. Con la Misa en el Santuario de Maria Auxiliadora, Ciudad del Mexico hemos iniciado el Jubileo (1962-2012). Un territorio confiado a la Congregacion desde la Iglesia universal es una gracia, un gran regalo!

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Chain (4) Missionary provincial - Goa

  03:57:01 pm, by Klement   , 930 words  

Greetings from Mexico City,
here on the animation visit of two mexican provinces of Mexico City and Guadalajara. After meeting two provincial councils and visiting all four houses of formation, from today going to the Salesian Prelature of Mixes.

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