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LAOS CATHOLIC growing like the mustard seed!

  07:42:00 pm, by Klement   , 328 words  

LAOS CATHOLIC growing like the mustard seed!

The youngest Salesian presence in one land-locked poor country of the ASEAN

Yes, the Salesians have been in Laos for 10 years, since 2004 in fact.

Part of the wonder of this presence is that it was begun under the auspices of the THA Province (under which it remains) but run by a Thai Past Pupil of Don Bosco,

Mr Sanya, from 2004 until 2012 when the first Salesians took up residence. There are now three of them: Fr Tito Pedron, Fr Vincent Minh and Bro Carlo Bacalla.

It is not yet a canonical community, which explains why it is hard to find in the latest 'Annuario'.

New Spring

So, talking about a new spring in Laos is apt. Laos and the Church in Laos are 'on the move', and the Salesians with them it seems. Member of ASEAN, the WTO, Laos has diplomatic relations with every country in our EAO Region except the Solomon Islands and Samoa. The Salesian activity in Laos comes under MoU status, and part of the recent visit by the Provincial from Thailand and discussions with the Young Communist League concerned renewal of the MoU about to cease this year, and further development.

The Church has seen development from the small 'seeds' of 2 priests in Vientiane in 2004 to 8 in 2014. Across the country, in four Vicariates (as yet there is no diocese), there are now some 20 priests, a good number of religious, 45,000 Catholics. While not yet officially announced, the OMI Postulation following causes of Saints has indicated that May 2015 is an 'almost certain' date for the Beatification of 17 Laotian martyrs, a number of them local catechists, and OMI and MEP missionaries.


Moving ahead
With 3 SDBs, 3 FMAs running two Vocational Training Units with boarding facilities (the FMA one is about 3 kms from ours), and with young Laotian aspirants now in Thailand (for the Salesians) and Vietnam (for the Sisters), some 650 or more past pupils from over the decade, we can say that the Salesian presence in Laos is established.


Chiang Mai - Salesian new frontier!

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Chiang Mai - Salesian new frontier!

Thailand - Northern region of Chiang Mai

is one of the most interesting places in the EAO region. Amidst the Buddhist country there is a vibrant diocese of CHIANG MAI, with a Bishop Virat, past pupil (Catechetics from the UPS, Rome) and some 100 priests, 60.000 Catholic faithful and 20.000 catechumens

Since 2002 the Salesian Family is present (SDB, FMA and SIHM congregations).

Our Catechetical center, Parish of Mae Rim, Don Bosco hostel village for the Catholic indigenous youth and Farm (agriculture to sustain this work, about 30 hectars) are slowly growing. The fruits are multiple and abbundant!

Some 30 youth (mainly tribal - ethnic - indigenous origin from the Chiang Mai hill areas) are taking two year catechetical course under the guidance of Fr. Ekasit (7 years). Work entrusted by the bishop already 10 years ago.

Some 70+ youth are living with two Salesians in the DB village and daily commuting to 3 different schools (technical, academic and agricultural) according their skills - with a daily Eucharist, daily Football and daily cooking... really a Valdocco family spirit.

The most interesting was the meeting with 15 young Aspirants to the Salesian life, high school students. As a matter of fact, now majority of Ban Nazareth (Banpong-Thailand) college Aspirants are coming from this area of Chiang Mai.  During the meeting after the Eucharist these Aspirants I realized their strong and healthy background (Catholic families in the villages, eager to growth as students, Catholics and do something good for the Church. Indeed something like "happy, sacrifice, asking why 'The Salesians are so important"? and their interest shows the gift of faith in this Northern part of Thailand.

Klement and Clement (Myanmar)

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Klement and Clement (Myanmar)

July 26, 2014

Last two weeks in Myanmar was a time of grace:

* to live 8 of the 10 Salesian presences in the country

* to listen to 60+ Salesians of Golden Land (average age of 33 years!)

* to share their joys, difficulties, dreams and plan for the future (NOT YET!)

* to start 6 year journey of accompaniment of this youngest Vice-province in EAO region (2004)

On the photo one of the 13 students of theology, Br. Clement (Yan Naing Htun) just finished his practical training in the "Wa region" of Shan State - the most significant and historical Salesian mission territory in this country (Lashio Apostolic Prefecture was entrusted to the SDB 1976-1990).  Given almost the 'same name' one of the last picture in Yangon formation house during the farewell dinner was Klement (EAO regional) and Clement (cleric - who spent last year of his practical training 5 months alone... responsible of one school and boarding house!) 

With a thanks to God for the blessing of many vocation in Burma.

With a prayer to Mary for their still not-so-easy situation.

With a promise to stay with them (82 SDB+3 novices) as companion of journey!

Mary, Help of Christians, pray for Myanmar Salesians!

Golden Land - Myanmar 500

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Golden Land - Myanmar 500

500 years ago the light of the Catholic faith reached this wonderful land.


This year after the beatification of the first Burmese - Catechist Isidoro Ngei Ko Lat (Martyr +1950)

This year after the celebrations of 75 years of Salesians in Burma (1938-2013)

This year my first visit to this beautiful land with so great richness of cultures and religions.


Due to the 50 years-long isolation from the rest of the Salesian world, now the young (average age 31 years!)

Viceprovince needs to get a fresh Gospel air in order to witness with joy Jesus every day.

Please, pray for our brothers in this Golden Land! 

Witness for Christ - China martyrs!

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Witness for Christ - China martyrs!

July 9

Today we celebrate the Feast of 120 Holy Martyrs of China. 
Today we pray for the whole Christian community in this country.

Today we entrust to the intercession of the thousands of China martyrs the present challenges 'to be a Christian, a Catholic in China today! Today we entrust to their intercession the growth of faith in action, the vocation growth and the  unity  among all Catholics in this largest country in the world.

St. Agostin Zhao and companions (mons. Versiglia and fr. Caravario included!) pray for us!

1. Saint Francis Serrano, O.P., Vicar Apostolic and Bishop-elect
2. Saint 
Joachim Royo, O.P., Priest
3. Saint 
John Alcober, O.P., Priest
4. Saint 
Francis Diaz, O.P., Priest.

5. Saint Peter Wu, a Chinese lay catechist.

6. Saint Joseph Zhang Dapeng, a lay catechist, and a merchant.

7. Saint Gabriel-Taurin DufresseM.E.P.

8. Saint Augustine Zhao Rong, a Chinese diocesan priest. Tortured and died in 1815.

9. Saint John da TrioraO.F.M.,

10. Saint Joseph Yuan, a Chinese diocesan priest.

11. Saint Paul Liu Hanzuo, a Chinese diocesan priest, killed in 1819.

12. Saint Francis Regis Clet of the Congregation of the Mission (Vincentians).

13. Saint Thaddeus Liu, a Chinese diocesan priest.

14. Saint Peter Liu, a Chinese lay catechist.

15. Saint Joachim Ho, a Chinese lay catechist.

16. Saint John Gabriel Perboyre, C.M.

17. Augustus ChapdelaineM.E.P., a priest

18. Saint Laurence Bai Xiaoman, a Chinese layman,

19. Saint Agnes Cao Guiying, a widow,

17. Saint Jerome Lu Tingmei a catechist
18. Saint 
Laurence Wang Bing a catechist
19. Saint 
Agatha Lin Zao a catechist

20. Saint Joseph Zhang Wenlan, seminarian
21. Saint 
Paul Chen Changpin, seminarian
22. Saint 
John Baptist Luo Tingyin, layman
23. Saint 
Martha Wang Luo Mande, laywoman

24. Saint John Peter Néel, a priest MEP missionary
25. Saint 
Martin Wu Xuesheng, lay catechist,
26. Saint 
John Zhang Tianshen, lay catechist,
27. Saint 
John Chen Xianheng, lay catechist,
28. Saint 
Lucy Yi Zhenmei, lay catechist.

29. Saint Gregory Grassi, Bishop,
30. Saint 
Francis Fogolla, Bishop,
31. Saint 
Elias Facchini, Priest,
32. Saint 
Theodoric Balat, Priest,
33. Saint 
Andrew Bauer, Religious Brother;

34. Saint Anthony Fantosati, Bishop
35. Saint 
Joseph Mary Gambaro, Priest
36. Saint 
Cesidio Giacomantonio, Priest

37. Saint Mary Hermina of Jesus (in saec: Irma Grivot),
38. Saint 
Mary of Peace (in saec: Mary Ann Giuliani),
39. Saint Mary Clare (in saec: Clelia Nanetti),
40. Saint 
Mary of the Holy Birth (in saec: Joan Mary Kerguin),
41. Saint 
Mary of Saint Justus (in saec: Ann Moreau),
42. Saint 
Mary Adolfine (in saec: Ann Dierk),
43. Saint 
Mary Amandina (in saec: Paula Jeuris).

44. Saint John Zhang Huan, seminarian,
45. Saint 
Patrick Dong Bodi, seminarian,
46. Saint 
John Wang Rui, seminarian,
47. Saint 
Philip Zhang Zhihe, seminarian,
48. Saint 
John Zhang Jingguang, seminarian,
49. Saint 
Thomas Shen Jihe, layman and a manservant,
50. Saint 
Simon Qin Chunfu, lay catechist,
51. Saint 
Peter Wu Anbang, layman,
52. Saint 
Francis Zhang Rong, layman and a farmer,
53. Saint 
Matthew Feng De, layman and neophyte,
54. Saint 
Peter Zhang Banniu, layman and labourer.

To these are joined a number of Chinese lay faithful:

55. Saint James Yan Guodong, farmer,
56. Saint 
James Zhao Quanxin, manservant,
57. Saint 
Peter Wang Erman, cook.

58. Saint Leo Mangin, S.J., Priest,
59. Saint 
Paul Denn, S.J., Priest,
60. Saint 
Rémy Isoré, S.J., Priest,
61. Saint 
Modeste Andlauer, S.J., Priest.

62. Saint Mary Zhu born Wu, aged about 50 years,
63. Saint 
Petrus Zhu Rixin, aged 19,
64. Saint 
Ioannes Baptista Zhu Wurui, aged 17,
65. Saint 
Mary Fu Guilin, aged 37,
66. Saint 
Barbara Cui born Lian, aged 51,
67. Saint 
Joseph Ma Taishun, aged 60,
68. Saint 
Lucia Wang Cheng, aged 18,
69. Saint 
Maria Fan Kun, aged 16,
70. Saint 
Mary Qi Yu, aged 15,
71. Saint 
Maria Zheng Xu, aged 11 years,
72. Saint 
Mary Du born Zhao, aged 51,
73. Saint 
Magdalene Du Fengju, aged 19,
74. Saint 
Mary Du born Tian, aged 42,
75. Saint 
Paul Wu Anju, aged 62,
76. Saint 
Ioannes Baptista Wu Mantang, aged 17,
77. Saint 
Paulus Wu Wanshu, aged 16,
78. Saint 
Raymond Li Quanzhen, aged 59,
79. Saint 
Peter Li Quanhui, aged 63,
80. Saint 
Peter Zhao Mingzhen, aged 61,
81. Saint 
John Baptist Zhao Mingxi, aged 56,
82. Saint 
Teresa Chen Jinjie, aged 25,
83. Saint 
Rose Chen Aijie, aged 22,
84. Saint 
Peter Wang Zuolong, aged 58,
85. Saint 
Mary Guo born Li, aged 65,
86. Saint 
Joan Wu Wenyin, aged 50,
87. Saint 
Zhang Huailu, aged 57,
88. Saint 
Mark Ji Tianxiang, aged 66,
89. Saint 
Ann An born Xin, aged 72,
90. Saint 
Mary An born Guo, aged 64,
91. Saint 
Ann An born Jiao, aged 26,
92. Saint 
Mary An Linghua, aged 29,
93. Saint 
Paul Liu Jinde, aged 79,
94. Saint 
Joseph Wang Kuiju, aged 37,
95. Saint 
John Wang Kuixin, aged 25,
96. Saint 
Teresa Zhang born He, aged 36,
97. Saint 
Lang born Yang, aged 29,
98. Saint 
Paulus Lang Fu, aged 9,
99. Saint 
Elizabeth Qin born Bian, aged 54,
100. Saint 
Simon Qin Chunfu, aged 14,
101. Saint 
Peter Liu Ziyu, aged 57,
102. Saint 
Anna Wang, aged 14,
103. Saint 
Joseph Wang Yumei, aged 68,
104. Saint 
Lucy Wang born Wang, aged 31,
105. Saint 
Andreas Wang Tianqing, aged 9,
106. Saint 
Mary Wang born Li, aged 49,
107. Saint 
Chi Zhuzi, aged 18,
108. Saint 
Mary Zhao born Guo, aged 60,
109. Saint 
Rose Zhao, aged 22,
110. Saint 
Maria Zhao, aged 17,
111. Saint 
Joseph Yuan Gengyin, aged 47,
112. Saint 
Paul Ge Tingzhu, aged 61,
113. Saint 
Rose Fan Hui, aged 45.

114. Saint Alberic Crescitelli, a PIME missionary priest


115. Saint Louis Versiglia, Bishop,
116. Saint 
Callistus Caravario, Priest.

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