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To be or not to be! Papua New Guinea

  09:16:00 pm, by Klement   , 214 words  

To be or not to be! Papua New Guinea

Each Year at the end of the spiritual retreat in Papua New Guinea there is a celebration of the PNG - Solomon Islands DELEGATION DAY!

Also yesterday, June 5, after retreat preached by Br. Mon (from Manila) you can browse the many faces of the 14 different nationalities missionaries and slowly growing face of local Salesians!

We can spot already ageing Fr. Luciano (former councilor for the missions) as well we can spot the newly ordained Fr. Isidor and small group of prenovices around. Thanks be to God for this slowly but steadfast growth! Each personal conversion facilitates our pastoral or community conversion! Every true encounter with Jesus transforms our life:

TO BE or NOT TO BE! this is the question!

TO BE RADICALLY following Jesus - our only unfailing roots - is the only way to the future.

TO BE MYSTICS - seeking God with the whole heart in his Word & Bread and in the youth!

TO BE PROPEHTS - seeking God with the whole heart and mind in my brothers!

TO BE SERVANTS - seeking to serve through listening, journeying together, reaching our to the more or most disadvantaged youth!

With a prayer for Fr. Peter - young Delegate of Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands I'm ending this Saturday, entrusting all on this wonderful photo to our MAMMA MARY!


Looked upon by Jesus = Francis!

  09:36:00 pm, by Klement   , 256 words  

Looked upon by Jesus = Francis!

Living more than one month in Rome, near to Pope Francis, is a great gift!

The eternal city of Rome celebrates today (June 30) it's First Martyrs from the times of Nero (AD 64).

When walking yesterday again around the town :SDB general house - Basilica of St. Paul - Vatican Basilica of St. Peter and back to the SDB general house, I met just in front of the Vatican this beatiful flower decorations on the streets (infiorata) with many religious motifs. 

Yes, 2000 years of history is mixed with the dirty streets, wonderful monuments and millions of tourists or pilgrims from all around the world.

And every Sunday exactly at noon time we watch the RAI uno (1) TV with the Angelus of the Pope. His short but powerful greetings is really a gift for many. No wonder in the St.Peter's plaza there are every Sunday some 50.000 thousands people to listen to him.

Francis does often repeat certain invitations, or questions or simply some words of Jesus. But his bottom line is the Jesus-Centered-Mentality: 'I was looked upon by Jesus, with his Mercy!'

Thanks for St. Peter and Paul, the first two columns of the Church of Rome gathered from Jews and Gentiles. Thanks to their many successors! Thanks to Pope Francis who is attracting throuhg his whole hearted and simple discipleship many to the Master!

My good Lord, help me to always start again and again from this certain conviction and belief, that you are looking at me with Love and Mercy. Thanks a lot! Thank you! Merci! Gracias! Kamsahamnida!


Passion for education - passion for Christ!

  05:11:00 pm, by Klement   , 217 words  

Passion for education - passion for Christ!

Japan - Tokyo - Yokohama, June 26, 2014

Fr. Paolo Tsuneo KAWAI, 68 years - R.I.P

First class Salesian, headmaster of Salesian school(s), excellent educator and evangelizer within the frame of Japanese high school system passed away.

Fr. Kawai was fighting with cancer already from 1998 and never gave up.

His truly Salesian life-long passion, as one of the disciples of Fr. Cimatti, for education and evangelization brought many fruits!

During long years was 100% committed to the school mission in Yokohama: religious education of students, past pupils teachers and parents (with a special care about fathers of our boys! - with monthly lecture based on Scriptures!)

Served as President of Japan Catholic School association and lecturer in prestigous Sophia University in Tokyo (Jesuits run) until his death.

Served as Provincial economer of Japan.

Shared his experience through writings, lectures and talks.

While praying for the eternal rest of Fr. Kawai, I give thanks to God for a gift of one fully alive Salesian who spent his life in one of the most difficult missionary fields, in Japan!  As we know, the most difficult is to be a missionary amongst own people.

On the Sacred Heart of Jesus feastday I pray for more East Asia - Oceania Salesians fully living their vocation and mission - and open to accompany the youngpeople on their vocation journey with patience and steadfast effort.


Listening to world passion - world cup!

  10:21:00 pm, by Klement   , 498 words  

Listening to world passion - world cup!

2014, June - July


every day (here in Rome at 6 PM, 9 PM, 12 PM and 3 AM) the best football team of the world could be watched in TV.

What does it mean for the Salesians? Do w listen enough to this 'world' event? 

Really, to watch the World Cup with Salesian eyes is an important invitation (from Argentina SDB website!)

Yes, in the stadium there are youth, who look like our destinataries. Now they have their own families and are also easy to be manipulated, prone to temptation of big money. Good number of them are coming from the sub-urbs of large cities.

Let's watch the footbal matches of World Cup with rescpect and empathy. The TV shows them as 'half-gods' but in fact they are 'only youngsters'. And they would need many Don Boscos to guide, accompany them to the true happiness. 

Yes - soccer is a passion! It's the most global passion of today's world!

Only great passions could transform our reality!

Could we as Church be out of this passion - circles? For sure - never!

The gesture of Francis, with the footbal T-shirt of his favorite club is not only an interesting sign, it's about prophetic sign! It's about universal language shared by millions!

This gesture of footbal club T-shirt is more powerful sign - more than the UN peace-corps of pop-stars! There is one place where any continent feels at home - from the poor Africans to the rich European clubs.. All are playing in the same footbal field! In this place all are EQUAL and all are HAPPY. This PASSION allows any youngster in the world to dream... and be open to the future!

And also in this footbal field and footbal passion we could contemplate the DNA of the Salesian Oratory!

Here we touch the 'new frontiers' of the Church - where millions of youth are living. 

When we watch the World Cup.. some could day 'It's about corruption and business'!

But we should watch with the Salesian eyes - there is always something GOOD in this! At the center of the World Cup there is something perfectly valid, to be celebrate and dear to us, Salesians - footbal!

Footbal - it's about sports, feast, play, prevention, healing, meeting, key to the life of one district, place of friendship for many adolescents, growth of young personalities, exit from 'nothing', school of life, discipline, learning, health, way heading towards good manner, profession....

We can even say 'footbal is sacred' - give life to millions of youth around the world! And offers a chance to 'save the life of many youngsters'. It's a delight - happiness to share the World Cup time. 

Indeed Don Bosco is teaching us to love those true values which are loved by the youth (Letter from Rome)? Sports which helps to taste the passion and helps to get out of laziness, helps to dream - it's not to be desregarded!

Thanks be to God for the gift of footbal!

Thanks be for this chance to celebrate with the young!




  08:23:00 am, by Klement   , 235 words  



LISTENING is probably the most important attitude in our life. 

Listen to God,

Listen to our fellow brother Salesians and

Listen to the youth.

This is the 'Trinity of Listening' - one of the fruits of the Salesian Pentecost event - General Chapter 27, which just finished two months ago.

On the photo (Seoul - Korea) there are together Salesians, Salesian Sisters, Youth praying for each other during one of the vocation events of this year.

When I remember when and how i started really LISTEN to GOD, it goes back to the high school age and it's about meditation (Word of God), it's about short prayers learn by heart and repeated hundred of times, it's about personal dialogue with my spiritual guide.

When I remember the moving story of one Korean brother, who was leaving my rectors' office after 1 hour long talk - and was already about to close the door, when i felt, he has still something to say (lack of courage!?) and called him back. Indeed the most important personal topic came out only at that moment.. Listening!

When our youth is telling us: 'Dear Salesians, give us time to listen!' - it's really a call from God to encounter Jesus in this 'burning bush' of the youngsters. Our firm belief, that God is waiting us in the youth, is never enough!


In the month of the Sacred Heart of Jesus lets ask for the gift of LISTENING! 

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