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Couldn't help but be amused by the notice on the door of the room where I was staying recently, in a French-speaking location:

"In case of fire in your room, keep your temper. Don't shout 'Fire!'. Warm the reception".
The French version of the above made it clear where the first error came from - they could even have used 'sang-froid' had they wanted, in the English version as well and got away with it; or tried something like 'keep your cool'. The second error was a typo I imagine.

Mistranslations of course, especially in hotel rooms and travel locations (train or bus stations...) are legion.I've seen a couple around Rome, one at a public laundry where ladies were invited 'to leave your clothes and spend the afternoon having a good time'. Or a sign outside a shop in Switzerland: 'Special today -- no icecream'. Sounds like the Pisana in Lent!

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Way of the Cross according to Simon of Cyrene

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If it were not for Anthic's repeated invitation to come for this evening's way of the Cross, animated by the Children of the Parish, I would have really missed an excellent moment of prayer and reflection. It was precisely for the reason that children were animating (enacting) the stations of the Cross that I almost decided make the Way of the Cross personally in our Chapel. Knowing very well the children, I knew for certainly it would be a comedy show. But how wrong I was... another prejudice blown to pieces by the very devout and prayerful performance of the children.

The theme was apt for the occasion. Though they did not spell it out, it was a journey leading us within ourselves to introspect and see how much we help others. Call it coincidence and before the Way of the Cross begun, it was this that struck me: Way of the Cross from the perspective of Simon of Cyrene.

The children were composed. No laughing, no giggling, no loitering or getting distracted... they were fully involved in what they were enacting. After their role, they silently came off the stage and sat quietly along with those awaiting for their part to enact. They read meaningfully, sang well and helped us all pray devoutly. God bless them!!

FLOSS ( Free/Libre and Open Source Software) apporte un développement considérable dans le monde de software ces dernières années. Dans la politique de communication, la congrégation salésienne apparaît parmi les pionniers du logiciel libre. Le Père Julain Fox, membre du dicastère pour la communication sociale de la congrégation salésienne écrivait: « La congregazione salesiana fa da pioniere in un approccio alla produzione web da una grande organizzazione religiosa, che si ispira ai principi in particolare del FSF, ma leggendoli alla luce delle considerazioni evangeliche, educative, etiche ed economiche... » (Père Julian Fox, Nell'evanguardia del progresso, in Salesiani 2010, Salesiani Don Bosco, Roma 2009, 101.) En Afrique où la technologie et la communication sont toujours en croissance, et où les moyens qu'on dispose ne permettent pas toujours d'entrer dans le network international en vue d'accéder à l'information juste, une solution pourrait entre autre résider dans l'utilisation du logiciel libre. C'est en s'inspirant des valeurs chrétiennes qu'on peut également faire du logiciel libre un élément du développement pour la grande Afrique. Mieux qu'un article avec rigueur scientifique, ce texte est peut-être un déclencheur d'un débat. Cet article analysera les éventuels apports du FLOSS.

Est monnaie courante dans toutes les maisons salésiennes en Afrique l'emploi de l'informatique. L'internet est devenu désormais accessible même aux endroits les plus reculés de la brousse africaine. Ce n'est plus un luxe de grandes villes mais un outil de travail indispensable pour tout le monde. L'informatique avec tous les moyens de technologie que connait le monde actuellement portent avec sur leur dos une séries d'aspects moraux, économiques, religieux. FLOSS peut être une solution à certains problèmes qui peuvent engendrés dans ce camp.

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From Don Bosco, on sanctity

  05:04:23 pm, by Castilino   , 121 words  

As I was editing the Salesian Ordo, I came across this message on sanctity. It is from the life of Don Bosco and Dominic Savio. It is said that when Dominic Savio approached Don Bosco with the request to make of him a saint, this is the action plan that Don Bosco drew up for him:

1. Cheerfulness: Whatever disturbs you and takes away your peace cannot come from God.
2. Do you duty in the study hall and in the Church. Application to study and to work and to prayer out of love for God.
3. Do as much good as you can to others. Help your companions always, even when it costs you sacrifice.

... very providential that I should see it today!!

Poverty and asking the right Questions

  10:11:08 am, by Castilino   , 173 words  

The several revealing facts that were brought to my attention over the past two days, make me a bit anxious. To hear such unbecoming behaviour patterns of confreres, that too young ones, is really alarming. Last night as I lay on my bed, after a long conversation with someone narrating another of such 'tales', I asked myself, "Is it only a question of motivation or is there anything else that contributes or does not contribute to such a wayward religious life?" Most of such deviant ways have their origin in matters related to finance and money.

I remember Fr Ivo telling us in Nashik, about the need to ask questions... not any questions but the skill of posing the right questions. I guess most of us become complacent with our religious life because we stop asking ourselves the 'right' questions (others and superiors have long since stopped asking questions!!). We never question ourselves. "Is this really necessary?" "Is this what I am here for?" "Will this really give me happiness and inner satisfaction?"

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