Mother Teresa 100 - missionary

During the new missionary course, Rome-Turin, Sept 1-26,2010
the first good night talk was concluded
with one special sharing: one of the participants
a lay brother from Spain, Galicia
shared the postcard received from Mother Theresa in 1995
as reply to his prayer petition:

Mother House, Calcutta
15 February 1995

Dear Brother Jose!

I received your letter of 19th January telling me of your desire to become a missionary. Surely, it is the love of God which is urging you
to spread His Word to all nations, and He will bring this desire to fulfillment in His own way.

But always remember, your vocation is to belong to Jesus!
It little matters what place you go to, or what work you are assigned,
you are serving God best be striving to belong fully to Jesus.

Therefore stay united to Jesus through prayer and your vows,
especially your vow of obedience. Speak to your Superiors and
they will help you. I'm praying for you.

God bless you!. [signature: M.Teresa, MC]

Now, after 15 years, the 41 years old brother make himself available to the Rector Major and received his destination to Peru.

Pray for all 42 new missionaries of 2010, the 141st missionary salesian expedition, of 26th September 2010

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Comment from: Fr. Peter Francis X sdb (INM)  
Fr. Peter Francis X sdb (INM)

Dear Rev. Fr. Klement Vaclav SDB.,
I Thank You! & Appreciate You, for the Wonderful Expression about the Missionary Zeal portrayed in this blog through the words of Mother Theresa: it’s inspiring! I do find in you, a person dedicated in spreading the same fragrance of Salesian Missionary spirit around the continents, as the Councillor for the Missions.
Thanks for your Indian visit. I came to Tirupattur to listen to you and enjoyed your sharing! You had come for Breakfast to Don Bosco, Gandhinagar-Vellore before leaving to Tirupattur where I met you. Hope you remember us all!
It’s true that one need to be attached to Christ before being a Missionary… We are called to ‘Be with Him & then go out To Proclaim!’ As even the STRENNA-2010 calls us to be ‘His disciples staying close to Him before becoming His Apostles…’
As you do now on the net, apart from your journeys meeting people, one can be a missionary where ever one resides! But if still when need arise & calls for a shift, one need to place oneself in which ever place one is called to go forth for the sake of the Gospel & God’s Glory…
Moreover, the Call to be a Missionary in this Millennium urges us to use the Modern Technologies of Communication wisely reaching out to many, as even Our Holy Father & Our Rector Major exhort us, the Church & the Congregation to use Modern Media to Proclaim the Gospel! Let us show the world especially, the Young who get immersed in the internet, ‘…Where the Rabbi, Jesus Lives!’- STRENNA-2011. Let our Young people meet Him even on the net!
Pray for me, dear Father Klement, as I too am deeply interested in being a true Salesian Missionary!
More to share…Meet you soon, on the SDBblog!

15/09/10 @ 19:20
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