Enthusiasm is contagious!

Go into the whole world!

Every year about few hundreds of young people connected to the Salesians leave their family, friends, home country and leave for few months or even years to serve other young people involved in frontier Salesian mission. Their enthusiasm is contagious!

Follow up:

The Salesian Mission Day 2011, focused on the Missionary Volunteers brought together to the General house director of seven different Salesian volunteer organizations around the world: one from Australia, one from America and five from Europe. All of them share the same story.
First they spent one or two years as volunteers, became involved in the formation of young volunteers and at the end they got the task to direct some of missionary volunteer service organization. Different names, but the common point is their enthusiasm, deep conviction.

'Youth for the world' - 'Salesian Lay Missioners' - 'Cagliero project' reveals the best of our Youth Ministry as shared also Rector major in his short meeting with the group.

What makes them so enthusiastic? What helps them carry on in spite of many challenges this service? Sometimes the main challenge is the lack of understanding of the same Salesians, both in the sending or receiving parts of the volunteer story.

Many questions shared during two short but very intense days:

Who does benefit from the experience?
How to improve the formation? How to involve the volunteers after their return back to the home country in the Salesian mission or Salesian Family life?
How to help the receiving community to understand that the few months or one year spent with one young man/woman is very important contribution to the Salesian mission on the other side of the world?
How to help some province to start the missionary volunteer project?

Adam, Ela, Jana, Jane, James,Laureen and Petrus already left the General house, but their enthusiasm (excitement?) is still felt.
They are part of the 35+ similar Salesian directors of volunteer service, who are helping the formation, placement and accompaniment of hundreds young people every year.

6 or 12 months spent in serving the youth in Tijuana/Mexico, in Piura/Peru, in Deodurga/India, in Lumumbashi/Congo.... is changing the life of many young people connected to Don Bosco!

I wish that many young people may benefit from this experience!
I wish that all Salesian provinces might be able to start the volunteer movement!
I wish that many more Salesian communities might be able to share their life and mission with the volunteers!

what is the most exciting in this experience, that the same young people in most of the cases pushed the Salesian to start the volunteer program in their country! They were not only destinataries of the mission, but the main protagonist!

Thanks to God for this new fresh air, full of energy in the Salesian Family!


James Trewby

The enthusiasm was contagious both ways - thank you to Fr Vaclav and the community for everything!

14/04/11 @ 18:49
Ela Jakubek

and most important: it’s all about the JOURNEY with the Youth and bringing them closer to the Lord! There’s a wonderful prize waiting at the end! I and I feel I had a glimpse at it already!

14/04/11 @ 22:27
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