Easter journey (6) Thanks for 25 years

1986, Basilica of St Peter's, priestly ordination of 72 deacons to priesthood by the Blessed John Paul II, 3 of us were Salesians.
2011, South Africa Cape Town, India Chennai, Rome Gerini - three of us give thanks to God for the grace of Salesian priesthood and the past 25 years with Jesus Good Shepherd who consecrated us for the good of His Church and the entire world.

Follow up:

Everybody shakes your hand: Congratulations, Father! and many Emails arrived in past few days. Looking back during this morning meditation,
there really many, many reason to give thanks to the Lord.

- consecrating me to Yourself, for the good of many youngsters, for the good of the Church in Korea (16 years), for the service of the Salesians in East Asia (6 years), for the service of the Salesian missionaries and missions (3 years).
- making me instrument of your Love, presiding the Eucharistic celebration, praying the Liturgy of the Hours, celebrating the sacrament of reconciliation with many, especially the young people
- all good people who have been with me on my side during these 25 years, starting from the prayers of my parents (mother from homeland and father from heaven for past 24 years), for the fellow Salesians, especially in Korea, for the many missionaries met in past 3 years in some 80 countries
- many Salesian Saints who are for me a model in my daily life, inspiration, help in my ministry and difficulties, good number of them Salesian Priest, Missionaries (Versiglia, Caravario, other China martyrs)
- the time of crisis in 1992, when i was asking myself 'WHAT i'm doing here in Korea'? - and you helped me to rediscover the deep meaning of my salesian priesthood (wasting time in the playground with the youth, caring about the poorest among the students, taking time to follow the few student showing signs of vocation)
- the grace to journey and visit many front-line missions of the Salesian Congregation, in the Amazon forest, in China, in Sudan, in Solomon Islands, in Pakistan, in the Project Europe old provinces...
- the grace to live in a community, especially where the priesthood is balanced by the presence of the brothers, down to earth
- the grace to live in a Salesian family, where the presence of many Salesian Cooperators guided me always in the common sense of the Church...

25 years is quite a period of time, two spend in youth at risk boarding houses in Seoul studying Korean, six spent as catechist in the boys high school in Kwangju with thousands of students, two spent as rector of the Korean 'Valdocco' community in Dae Rim Dong, six years spent as Provincial listening to the korean confreres, six years as a Regional listening to the Salesians in 20 countries of East Asia and Oceania.

Good Shepherd lays down his life for the sheep! (John 10,10)
this is the motto of the priestly ordination of 1986.

All for Jesus, Jesus for all! a life motto taken from one of our Chinese Salesians who spent some 20 years in prisons.

If I'm born again, i would never look for any other life vocation,
to be a Salesian, to strive day by day be more a sign of God's love among the young people and Salesian confreres.

Thanks also for the ordaining Bishop, John Paul II, who was always for me a strong inspiration and model in his prayer life, missionary drive and love for the Church.

Thank you!


Comment from: minamsdb  

I am so happy for you!
i hope that we will meet soon~~^^

26/05/11 @ 00:48
Comment from: Arnold Pattyona, SDB  
Arnold Pattyona, SDB

CONGRATULATION DEAR FR. you are like the good Shepherd. thanks for being part of my life as Salesian. pray for you in this beautiful moment of 25 years of being a true and authentic salesian by heart, love and your very own life. God bless fr.

26/05/11 @ 04:25
Comment from: João Batista
Joćo Batista

25 years is not long time and not short time. But those are thanks for giving.

28/05/11 @ 23:45
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