Rosary in the Missions

October 7

The Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary, as every year. Just 440 years after the Lepanto battle, a historical date for the institution of this feast.
Five colours missionary rosary in our hands to pray with Mary for the salvation of the whole mankind.

Follow up:

The Rosary, Terzo, Corona...
different names, but the same genial tool of union with God, of union in prayers among the disciples of Jesus.
The Mother of Jesus, who was praying in the Cenacle together with the first disciples of Jesus before the Pentecost, is showing us the way.

Wherever the Church or the Congregation shows more missionary slant, without doubt in all of these places, the Rosary prayer is part of daily life in the community (both Christian or Salesian). And vice-versa - where the Rosary is not much visible, the life of faith is usually very weak.

During last months of September, praying daily with the 31 new missionaries the Rosary in 10 different languages (but finishing always the second part of Hail Mary in Italian), the universal nature of this simple, but deep prayer was again revived.

The five colors of Africa (green), America (red), Europe (white), Oceania (blue) and Yellow (Asia) are a good reminder in the daily strive to remember all non Christian people in my prayers.

Some living memories:

Korea - praying everyday or every week the Rosary together with the boys of Sharing House, a family moments difficult to forget.

Cambodia - praying the Rosary in Khmer of English (=the shorter is better?!) in the playground of the Phnom Penh Don Bosco School.

African, Asia, American youth in the poorer parts - in poor cloth, but always with the Rosary on their neck, as first sign of their proudly Catholic identity or starting their journey of faith
Pisana - praying the Rosary in small groups every day in the garden, in the corridors or walking around the house.

Oceania - for the first time in my Salesian life without a visible prayer of the Rosary in the community, understood from a senior Salesian about the 'private' way of praying the Rosary.

China - each community praying together, after dinner as part of daily life.

Project Europe - young missionaries from Asia coming to Europe keep praying at least among themselves, since the local confreres don't anymore pray the Rosary in the community together.

Today's Feastday of Blessed Virgin Mary of the Holy Rosary reminds me:

- the Letter of Late John Paul II about the Rosary 'Rosarium Beatum Virginae Mariae' (2002) as his last expression of strong relationship to Mama Mary... Print out again and keep with me until the end of this month.

- the three Rosaries received during past few days (one in Uruguay made by the Missionary groups 'Juventud misionera' in Montevideo, second made by a Caritas of Jesus Sister missionaries going to South Sudan, the last one is the five color missionary Rosary of the 142nd
expedition of SDB missionaries).

- the model of FAITH JOURNEY offered by MARY (two reading of today bring together the first and the last point in the Scriptures: YES in Nazareth and SILENT PRESENCE amidst the disciples of her Son after Resurrection waiting on the Sending of the Holy Spirit in the Cenacle).

Ave Maria... praying the Gospel centered prayer.... as a way of:

Learning about Christ from Mary
Following Christ with Mary
Praying to Christ with Mary
Proclaim Christ with Mary

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