Credible witness - holy missionary (Variara)

Credible witness - holy missionary (Variara)

Bogota, 25 august 2013 - Sunday
Just landed after 10 days in Bolivia, with one morning in the Quito (Ecuador) provincial house.

Reflecting on past ten days in Bolivia, and one morning in Quito, the most striking and deep impression is on this photo - taken in Buen Retiro parish (Santa Cruz, San Carlos SDB community)
some five days ago.

You could see the gigantic figure of Blessed Luis Variara, the founder of the Congregations of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary (first congregation after FMA's in the Salesian family, started in Agua de Dios, some 240 km from Bogota).

Follow up:

The faith brings strong commitment, holy sisters and brothers bring to the Salesian community a lot of energy, inspiration! For the first time in Colombia, keeping in my heart a lot of curiosity to know better these stories!

Insight one (1)

Sr. Fanny, Congregation of the Sacred Hearts (60+) in Buen Retiro with her strong attachment to Jesus (Divino Nino), to Don Bosco and Blessed Variara was able to 'translocate' very strong devotion and even create a pilgrim place in one 1000+ village of Bolivia - thousand of kilometers from her native Colombia as a highly committed missionary. Why can't we reproduce this faith and zeal in some other places of Latin America?

Insight two (2)
A good news from Asia, from one of the most difficult countries to get the missionary visa. For the fourth time(!!) a senior missionary visits the immigration office in the capital, after 3 years long waiting and beggs (after praying with his small group of 3 collaborators to Mary Help of Christians). Unbelievable happens - next week the years waited visa are supposed to be out!

Insight three (3)
This Colombian province has no young Salesian brothers (among the 7 Brothers, the youngest is 65!). Hence these few days are a time of prayers for the Salesian Brothers vocation - praying to Blessed Artemide Zatti, Ceferino Namuncura, Luis Variara and many others....

The gigantic picture of Variara on the wall in one lost Bolivian village (thousand of kilometers)
taken with one of his Sisters last week - is a eloquent sign that ALL is POSSIBLE to those who believe and move in God's presence!

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