Salesian Missionary EXPO - Bogota 2013

Salesian Missionary EXPO - Bogota 2013

Colombia, federal capital Bogota, district of 20 julio - Salesian parish of Child Jesus (El Nino Jesus)- 27 august 2013.

On the second day of Bogota Province animation visit there was a surprise - after the morning visit to the Ciudad Bolivar with the "Juan Bosco Obrero" vocation training center and it's Aspirants, in the afternoon the famous Divino Nino Shrine - Parish, with some 3.000.000 pilgrims coming every year.

Follow up:

The large complex of the Shrine (Founder fr. Juan, brought the little statue of Child Jesus in 1937 in this sub-urban area of Bogota. Now it counts a 18 SDB strong religious community, assisted by another 3 female religious communities (FMA, HH.SS.SS, Dominican 'salesian sisters' of Christian Doctrine'. Parish of 19.000 souls has few Catholic schools, social communications, boarding houses, charity programs, many centers for youth ministry - counselling, psychology, pastoral team etc.

After a SDB community meeting there was a wonderful surprise time with some 80 youth and few adults involved in some ten different missionary activities linked to the Child Jesus Parish Shrine and some on the Bogota provincial level: Holy Childhood (primary school missionary groups), Oratory mission groups, Secondary school missionary activity during Easter, Christmas and August break, Continental Mission group of the parish etc.

The best time was a dialogue with some interesting questions

# What were the main Salesian missionary projects of the 20th century? (about Project Africa)

# How could we be active in the social networks? (older generation question)

# How are the Salesian missionary youth active in the social and political life?

# Why should we be present in the missionary activity of the Church?

# How could we guarantee the continuity of the missionary projects (groups active in the poorer areas of Bogota or in the poor countryside)? - call for the 'life-long missionary vocations'

# What are the characteristics of the missionary vocation now? - missionary ad gentes: health, language capacity, passion to share own faith with the non-Christians; missionary at home: passion to share the faith in the Oratory, especially backed by some missionary group.

# How could we (parish continental mission group) bring the disciple-missionary fire throught the media of social communications? (internet)

# How could be do the mission in the areas where we Catholics are discriminated? - Humble heart, personal relationship

# What is the true satisfaction of missionary life? - conversions? baptism? = initial proclamation of Jesus Christ...

# What are the seeds of the missionary groups? Shared the experience of Fr. Luis Bolla, Peru 2013


It was a very dense time. Thanks to God for all those young missionaries. Indeed there are only 3 ad gentes SDB missionaries from Colombia abroad, few FMA, few Sacred Hearts Sisters.
The message of the missionary rosary (five colours) was received and treasured..

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