Salesian Missionary Congress - ICHTUS Medellin 2013

Salesian Missionary Congress - ICHTUS Medellin 2013

The last day of Latin America missionary journey 2013 - Medellin, Salesian house of spirituality in Copacabana, conclusion of three days of Provincial Missionary Congress of the Salesian Youth Missionary Movement ICHTUS (JESUS SAVIOUR) 2013.

Some hundred young people 15+ years old from all corners of Colombia - Medellin Salesian Province gathered in spite of the general strike and blockage of national roads by the 'campesinos'.
Already 5 years of ongoing journey animated by the provincial delegate Fr. Pacho (Francisco)
and the core group of animators - a wonderful synergy of youthful enthusiasm and missionary fire!

Follow up:

Three full days in Copacabana (29-31 August) guided by a Medellin missionary animation team, as part of formation, sharing among the 10 groups from all part of the St. Luis Beltram province (largest presence from Cartagena of 25 youth).

Last day afternoon was a harvest of the whole congress (sharing, presentation, dances finished),
with some drama presentation of holy missionaries (St. Theresa, Mother Theresa, St. Francis Xav, Blessed Luis Variara, St. Luis Versiglia and Caravario) and open forum with the 'mundial' father, councilor for the missions. Very good idea - indeed the young people don't know the holy missionary figures!!

I have shared some basic attitudes of a good missionary - LISTENING, FAITH (never answer NO, always NOT YET.. open to the future with a heart full of joy & hope). Example of Fr. Luis Bolla, need for another step to the MISSIONARY VOLUNTEER MOVEMENT (From ICHTUS ahead)and pointing on the only two present missionaries ad gentes from Colombia - one in Cambodia and one in Cuba.

The questions and answer time, exchanged in the yard of former Salesian Novitiate, was a good insight into the heart of young Salesian lay missioners of this movement:

What are the most striking experience of your missionary life ? (crisis time)
Why should the Church be concerned with the Missions?
How could we foster, strengthten our weak faith?
What are the main motivations for the missionary - disciple journey? How to motivate?
How could we prepare a lay missionary volunteers? (capability, age, preparation)

At the end with the presence of the Provincial, fr. John Jairo was celebrated the 'missionary send off EUCHARIST (with multiple youth signs - globe, large boat, candles - lights, map of the world, distribution of the small blessed ICHTUS medals (red colour of America). After very well animated liturgy (band, music, good commentary) all young missionaries renewed their missionary promise.
Quite moving moments...

On the internet there are many formation, prayer resources (new blog started in May 2013): - ONCE misionero, Cagliero11, Formation materials for the biweekly missionary group meetings..

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