A new start - MISSIONS - East Asia Oceania region

A new start - MISSIONS - East Asia Oceania region

March 28, 2014


From the world wide animation of the MISSIONS to the East Asia Oceania region!

This day changed again the life of some Salesians who were called to serve the Salesian Congregation as Regional councilors. Seven Salesians... and seven regions (one less!).

Coming back again to the beloved EAO 'our region' - I will spend the whole of Sunday with my successor Fr. Guillermo as the new Councilor for the Missions - to facilitate the smooth hand over of the contacts, processes, people and territories, provinces to follow etc.

The 2015 Salesian Mission Day poster is the expression of continuity. Another Salesian missionary in charge to 'foster in the whole Congregation the missionary spirit and commitment'...

Please, pray for us.... 

Suddenly from Cagliero to Versiglia and Caravario...

St. John Bosco, pray for us!

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