Brisbane Film festival invites Salesian into jury

BRISBANE: 30th July 2009

The Brisbane International Film Festival, which began today, 30th July, in that city, the capital of the Australian State of Queensland, has gained worldwide interest, and even a little notoriety, given its decision to screen films that China regards as controversial - you can follow that debate in the daily papers.
So it becomes even more significant that Fr Joseph Pulinthanath, the Salesian filmmaker responsible for Roots, due to show on 2nd and 3rd August at the Festival, tells us he has been invited as Festival guest for the duration of the Festival (30th July - 9th August) and has been invited onto the Interfatih Jury for the Festival. Described as a 'cultural document', by Fr Pulinthanath of Kerala, India, Roots tells of the people displaced by the construction of the Dumbar Dam, which in 1979 submerged huge areas of arable land in the fertile Raima valley.
Musing on the success of Roots, and the fact that Salesians are involved worldwide in media of the kind, Fr Pulinthanath, in a recent letter to austraLasia, does a little thinking aloud: "Can we Salesians think of some mechanism that can exclusively focus on films? Maybe, a film subdepartment within the Communication (Social Communications) Department! And/or perhaps set up a Salesian Jury that will look out for a 'youth bias' in films? And7or perhaps a Salesian International Film Festival designed with youth in mind?....Why do youth need to go elsewhere when they want to 'see' a film?'.

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Fr. Martin Macasaet SDB

As a Salesian and a youth ministry professor myself who uses films or videos in my courses (or even retreats and recollections), or even just as an “average” movie buff, I defintely share Fr. Joseph’s musings . . . .

I keep a list of “youth ministry” videos, titles and data of movies old and new which (in my opinion) exemplify or illustrate, or have somehow a connection with youth ministry (even in its broad sense). Numbering already more than a hundred titles, it is my dream to have it published perhaps – if not (yet) a book, then at least on the Web. Unfortunately other tasks are tying me up and keeping me from doing so at present. Aside anyway from this list, a also have a modest collection of videos under this “genre.”

In the meantime then, we Salesians can surely enjoy every now and then such movies! Whether for plain relaxation or as a formative activity, films surely are a powerful medium.

03/08/09 @ 12:40