" A fullblown shindig on the eve of the Immaculate..."

First of all apologies for a long break in this blog - but do recall that an invitation was offered a long time ago for additional helpers from the Region to help out! He who writes this blog at the moment is more than fully occupied and other priorities tend to take over.

That aside, a comment on the various reports coming in of 'academies'. Now this term is a traditional Salesian one of course (you could check SDL's 'Glossary' collection for this and other terms) and some might think the Academy of old has gone by the wayside in the rush to postmodernism! Not so. It was interesting to hear the Councillor for the Missions come back from an evening in a theologate around Rome and comment that 'we had a postmodern academy tonight'! I suspect he meant little more than a set of Power Point slides or something of the kind, but you get his drift.

Meanwhile our correspondent from Canlubang, Laguna speaks of a more elaborate 'postmodern' academy, and I quote: "the postnovitiate community mounted an academy in honor of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Mother. This time around, they presented a relatively non-traditional performance, as they staged a dance theater. Hence, the title of the production “Mary’s Move.”

The performers of the production were all young people who came from various settings where our FIN and FIS postnovices go for their apostolate. And instead of asking them to simply prepare a dance item, each group was given a theme to reflect on in order to guide them in executing their dance steps.

The themes revolved around four issues which our postnovices thought that affect our young people today: environment, sexuality, socio-economic realities, and various forms of anxieties which influence the behavior of our young people.

Our postnovices conceived this dance theater to not just prepare the young for the solemnity, but through the performances—and the reflections of their fellow young—they are able to recognize their very own situatedness. And with the Blessed Mother as an able guide towards her Son, it is certain that the journey is underway to success.

The groups which performed included Teatro Sibol of Kapayapaan National High School (a public school where our postnovices teach weekly catechism), Liturgical Dance Group of Caritas Don Bosco School (a school run by Caritas sisters; our postnovices animate the youth groups of the school), Performing Arts Group and The Dance Co. of Don Bosco College (where they do their assistance) and the Juventus Youth Group of Mary Help of Christians Parish.

The result: it was not a mere theatrical production, but more of a full blown shindig held on the very eve of the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception. The performers wowed the spectators with their stunning moves and brilliant steps. That eve of the celebration of Mary’s Immaculate Conception proved to be a night for the young!

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