Prayer intention for Brothers

From Fr Wong:

"That our Brothers may be conscious that they are signs of god's love; in imitating Christ, may they inspire more vocations to Salesian life and in their ministry, let young people feel the love of Christ".

Salesian Brother Prayer Intentions

A larger version of this image can be downloaded from the SDL 'Salesian Images' collection. You will find it under 'Titles: Salesian Brother prayer intentions. The pic is the work of Bro Jomar Castillo sdb, (FIN).


Comment from: vklement  

thanks a lot.
i pray that each province of asia and africa may take seriously the long term drive for the salesian brothers vocation.
fr. Vaclav Klement
councilor for the missions

NB: Thanks to God, in 2010 - September, in this 141st missionary expedition there are 5 brothers!

09/21/10 @ 22:05
replica hermes

GLT10a09river28The pic is the work of Bro Jomar Castillo sdb, (FIN).

09/28/10 @ 09:13