Intimacy with Christ, the source of a joyful perseverance in our Salesian vocation

An insight by Rev. Fr. Jose “Pepe” Reinoso

Rector of Seminaryo ng Don Bosco, Parañaque, Philipines (FIN)

"Our vocation is an answer to God's call. In the Gospel we realize that there are different levels in a call. As religious we are called to be part of the inner circle of Jesus. We are called to share even the same roof, to live with Jesus twenty four hours a day.This, if it is properly understood and well lived, will surely create intimacy between us and the Lord. He even calls us friends. The origin of that friendship is in his choosing us. Now, the greater the intimacy, the greater the attachment between us and the Lord.

A religious who has developed great intimacy with the Lord, will he ever 'abandon' him?

We could say: Failure in following one's vocation is failure in intimacy with Christ. That is why statistics show that when a religious is in the process of leaving his congregation the first thing he abandons is prayer, just like a husband in the process of leaving his wife, the first thing he abandons is communication with her.

We could convincingly say therefore that a daily, joyful, persevering and enthusiastic response to God's call is the result of a loving intimacy with the Lord.

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