Don Bosco our model

Don Bosco, our model in loving the Lord Jesus Christ
by Fr Tito Pedron

Don Bosco, since his young age and throughout all his life, gave a clear example of his love for Christ.
On many occasions he suffered much for expressing and proving his love for Christ in order to give a good example.
At four years old he was ready to be beaten by his companions and to suffer just to be able to prevent bad talks and fighting.
When he was nine years old, in his famous dream, he tried to prevent the quarreling and bad words of the boys that were against God’s love and goodness. He was struck by the boys in return.
During his time at the Moglia farm, on Sunday, he would attend the first Mass in order to go to confession. Consequently he had to attend another Mass.
At  Chieri he preferred to go often to receive Holy Communion. This meant forgoing breakfast.
During his three years at the Convitto he encountered many difficulties just to be able to give the possibility to his boys to go to confession, attend Mass and receive holy communion.
The entire life of our dear Don Bosco is a constant witness to his great love for our Lord Jesus Christ. His life is an example for us Salesians and for many other people to imitate.

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