Month of Mary (3) Missionary postnovitiate - Vietnam

Month of Mary (3) Missionary postnovitiate - Vietnam


Welcome home! - Missionary postnovitiate of Blessed Michael Rua!

After more than 1 year from the recent animation visit in Dalat, I'm here for two short - intense days of visit again.  Dalat is the only house in the VIE province, which was not confiscated. It's a vibrant environment where the youth of the Oratory, Aspirants (both high school and university), local parishioners and the 50 SDB strong community are mixing in a admirable way.

All of the 100+ Salesian missionaries of Vietnam are 'product' of this house, most of them left their homeland just few weeks after graduation of the postnovitiate studies.

As usual, the conference was among the highlightes of the day. After an interesting sharing (AM time) with the formators about the challenges of formation (cultural gap among the young SDB and formators is widening, influence of the social communication culture, weakening of faith,  different way of living the vows..) i got few hints for the PM conference.


Pointing on the Salesian super-power India (short brickfield video from New Delhi, made by the Mission Office) where the mutual influence of the major number of poor youth around the world (more than Africa) and now the n.1 number of Salesians in India, the hint on our future was clear. Without the poorest among the young people, we have no future. Like Project Africa was the blessing for us 35 years ago, now the move in all provinces towards the street children, child workers... is our path to the future.


What is the radicality of our consecrated life? Living wholeheartedly for God, for brothers and for the young? How can we check, if we are living the radical witness to the Gospel? This second point of the conference was the main issue - we reached quit naturally the SPIRITUAL ACCOMPANIMENT (directrion) challenge. Some highlites - withouth a third person (God and myself in the examen of conscience is not enough, easy to cheat or being not aware about my real life).

A strong words of Pope Francis: "We have too many, really too many 'HALF WAY PRIESTS' and religious who fail to imitate Jesus" was an opening to many question received from the 35 young brothers:  

Who can be my spiritual director? (batchmate, rector, any experienced SDB priest or brother) What are the main qualities of a good spiritual director? ( trustworthy person to whom I can open fully my heart - as fundamental condition; person who has experienced spiritual accompaniment by other spiritual director; experienced in Christian life - interior life. The history of Vietnamese province, where Servant of God, Fr. Majcen was the first novicemaster and excellent spiritual guide to many (Vietnam and Slovenia until 1999) is a reminder about what we have probably lost over part 40 years (1975). What can be important - helpful from my personal side? (live with a personal project of salesian life, read some useful books like the Introduction to the devout life of St. Francis de Sales, or Spiritual diary of St. John XXIII, wiriting regularly a spiritual - interior life 'diary' - to verbalize the movements of my sould and heart.


What it the East Asia - Oceania Region (in the light of the GC27) - shown some slides of the GC27 life and EAO participants. Indeed the TOP 2 topics of the EAO provincial regarding HOW to become MYSTICS in the SPIRIT were chosen (10/10 provinces: Deepen personal experience of God and 7/10 Work on the personal spiritual direction in the province. Being young, our Region has many potentials, but need especially to invest into solid preparation of Salesians (this is probably the difference with the other two young and growing Regions - Africa&Madagascar and South Asia).

I'm grateful to God for the many simple personal interactions with the brothers (present also AFW Nigeria missionary on holidary, two of Brasilian missionaries waiting for new visa release and one Brother still waiting for his Pakistan visa.

Mamma Mary, Help of Christians, protect and guide this wonderful communityto be more deeply disciples and missionaries of Jesus!

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