Month of Mary (4) Hamamatsu Japan

Month of Mary (4) Hamamatsu Japan

First full day in Japan during the consultation visit

Frontier presence in the 1.2 milliion city of Hamamatsu, 300 km from Tokyo, 90 minutes by bullet trains shinkansen.

Four confreres, rector from Argentina, two salesian priests from Brasile and one Vietnamese.

Since the arrival of the Fr. Higa in 1993 the 20.000 people strong Brasilian community (with many pentecostal Churches as well) grew a lot. Now the local parish is entrusted to the Salesians and attended by a multi-cultural Catholic community composed of Brasilian, Peruvian and other Latinos, of Filipinos and other English speaking as well by a minor group of local Japanese Catholics.

The new frontiers - HOW TO GET CLOSER to the POOR youngsters in Japan - is one of the major issues in this Province. Two parishes for the migrants are a visible sign of our move towards the poorest in this society. Just firs step on the long journey.

During the five meetings of discernment for the future provincial of Japan (100+ confreres, 82 priests, 13 brothers and 9 young salesians in initial formation with 2 novices) I try to listen with my whole heart and help the path of the province.

As the whole Japan society and Church, also our Congregation and Salesian Family is getting smaller and older. BUT with all humility we should recognize, that WE ARE STILL among the most vibrant and attractive groups within the Catholic Church of St. Francis Xavier. Outsiders - our Lay Mission Partners, non Christians, diocesan clergy are highly appreciating our life witness of close and joyful presence among the youth and the community of believers.

St. John Bosco, pray for us!

St. Francis Xavier, pray for us!

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