Month of Mary (7) There is no WINE!

Month of Mary (7) There is no WINE!
Month of Mary (7) There is no WINE!

Valdocco, May 24, 2014

Mary, Help of Christians, pray for us!

After a month-long visit to four EAO provinces I'm back in Italy, first three full days spending for pilgrimage and prayer, in Turin - Valdocco, Basilica of Mary Help of Christians.

Really, the discipleship of Don Bosco, his faith in Jesus Christ is best touched in this periphery of Turin, working for 40+ years among the last, starting always without 'nothing' and being able to rally around him thousands of Lay Mission Partners for the benefit of many thousands of youth!

Yes, devotion to Mary, according to Don Bosco, is not 'just a prayer' - it's a life movement to follow Jesus with the whole heart and action.

May 24, 1814 - Pope Pius VII established in the Church officialy this Feastday (MHC 200).

May 24, 2014 - Brasilian Church celebrates another DIA DOS CIGANOS (Day of the Gypsies) dedicated to the marginalized nomadic group also in the American continent.

May 24, 2014 - Turin is a venue to all Chinese Catholic Communities in Italy (Sermig and Valdocco, Basilica of MHC) - as a visible expression to the "DAY OF PRAYER for CHINA CHURCH' requested in 2007 by Pope Benedict. 

May 24, 2014 - Three days of my pilgrimage of behalf of all East Asia - Oceania region confreres to Our Lady:

GIVING THANKS for Her protection and guidance to all our 10 provinces, in our 22 countries

GIVING PRAISE for all visible and invisible growth of the Salesian Charism and Vocation of our 1500 Salesians and ten groups of the Salesian Family.

ENTRUSTING to Mary the most meaningful and the most difficult fields of our Mission, of dangerous social situation and weak prsence of the Church and the Congregation in some parts of our Region.

I bring with me the full list of the EAO confreres according the provinces, to pray for each of the Salesians in the Basilica of Don Bosco in Valdocco: one by one... Mary Help of Christians, pray for Peter, Paul, Philip, Joseph.... starting from the 10 provincials and 4 Delegates until the recently starting novices..

Mary Help of Christians, pray for us!

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