Month of Mary (8) Japan novice in Africa

Month of Mary (8) Japan novice in Africa


Month of Mary is approaching the end: graces received and graces asked!  This is a good time to give thanks to Mary for her guidance, inspiration. Indeed we believe, that she brought each of us in the family of Don Bosco.

One Japanese novice in Eastern Africa, fruit of spiritual accompaniment of one Italian missionary in Tokyo is a wonderful example 'that nothing is impossible to Mary'.

Chihiro has a generous heart for serving the African youth, it brought him at quite mature age to the firm conviction that God wants him to be a Salesian of Don Bosco, not in Japan but in Africa.

His sharing might be a strong inspiration for many Salesians in the comfort zone of some EAO works. I pray to the Holy Spirit, that some hearts may be touched:

 Two months have passed since I came to Nairobi, and I am enjoying novelties around me.
 Before coming to Africa, I was studying at graduate school in Japan and majored in 'Area Studies in Latin America'. After graduation, I was working among homeless people and people with mental disorders for five years.

During my working periods, I happened to meet Fr. L. and Fr. F., and after talking with them for a year and intrigued by several dreams which I had before, I decided to quit my job and leave everything in Japan, which was quite tough decision.

 Then I went to Wau, South Sudan, and through services among street children and juveniles in jail there led me to an understanding that here in Africa we have many street children, child-soldiers, children who can not got to school because of political and economical reasons, and to a firm decision that until my dying breath I would dedicate rest of my life to children, the poor and the sick in Africa. If only I can finish my duty which I have been assigned by the Lord Jesus, indeed I put no value in my life.

 But I would like to add that without unfailing supports by Fr. L and Fr. F, and my present pre-novice master Fr. M, my presence in Africa is quite unlikely. 

-------Come O Holy Spirit, put on fire our hearts and life, to follow Jesus with the same openess of Don Bosco!!----------

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