LISTENING is probably the most important attitude in our life. 

Listen to God,

Listen to our fellow brother Salesians and

Listen to the youth.

This is the 'Trinity of Listening' - one of the fruits of the Salesian Pentecost event - General Chapter 27, which just finished two months ago.

On the photo (Seoul - Korea) there are together Salesians, Salesian Sisters, Youth praying for each other during one of the vocation events of this year.

When I remember when and how i started really LISTEN to GOD, it goes back to the high school age and it's about meditation (Word of God), it's about short prayers learn by heart and repeated hundred of times, it's about personal dialogue with my spiritual guide.

When I remember the moving story of one Korean brother, who was leaving my rectors' office after 1 hour long talk - and was already about to close the door, when i felt, he has still something to say (lack of courage!?) and called him back. Indeed the most important personal topic came out only at that moment.. Listening!

When our youth is telling us: 'Dear Salesians, give us time to listen!' - it's really a call from God to encounter Jesus in this 'burning bush' of the youngsters. Our firm belief, that God is waiting us in the youth, is never enough!


In the month of the Sacred Heart of Jesus lets ask for the gift of LISTENING! 

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