Listening to world passion - world cup!

Listening to world passion - world cup!

2014, June - July


every day (here in Rome at 6 PM, 9 PM, 12 PM and 3 AM) the best football team of the world could be watched in TV.

What does it mean for the Salesians? Do w listen enough to this 'world' event? 

Really, to watch the World Cup with Salesian eyes is an important invitation (from Argentina SDB website!)

Yes, in the stadium there are youth, who look like our destinataries. Now they have their own families and are also easy to be manipulated, prone to temptation of big money. Good number of them are coming from the sub-urbs of large cities.

Let's watch the footbal matches of World Cup with rescpect and empathy. The TV shows them as 'half-gods' but in fact they are 'only youngsters'. And they would need many Don Boscos to guide, accompany them to the true happiness. 

Yes - soccer is a passion! It's the most global passion of today's world!

Only great passions could transform our reality!

Could we as Church be out of this passion - circles? For sure - never!

The gesture of Francis, with the footbal T-shirt of his favorite club is not only an interesting sign, it's about prophetic sign! It's about universal language shared by millions!

This gesture of footbal club T-shirt is more powerful sign - more than the UN peace-corps of pop-stars! There is one place where any continent feels at home - from the poor Africans to the rich European clubs.. All are playing in the same footbal field! In this place all are EQUAL and all are HAPPY. This PASSION allows any youngster in the world to dream... and be open to the future!

And also in this footbal field and footbal passion we could contemplate the DNA of the Salesian Oratory!

Here we touch the 'new frontiers' of the Church - where millions of youth are living. 

When we watch the World Cup.. some could day 'It's about corruption and business'!

But we should watch with the Salesian eyes - there is always something GOOD in this! At the center of the World Cup there is something perfectly valid, to be celebrate and dear to us, Salesians - footbal!

Footbal - it's about sports, feast, play, prevention, healing, meeting, key to the life of one district, place of friendship for many adolescents, growth of young personalities, exit from 'nothing', school of life, discipline, learning, health, way heading towards good manner, profession....

We can even say 'footbal is sacred' - give life to millions of youth around the world! And offers a chance to 'save the life of many youngsters'. It's a delight - happiness to share the World Cup time. 

Indeed Don Bosco is teaching us to love those true values which are loved by the youth (Letter from Rome)? Sports which helps to taste the passion and helps to get out of laziness, helps to dream - it's not to be desregarded!

Thanks be to God for the gift of footbal!

Thanks be for this chance to celebrate with the young!



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