Passion for education - passion for Christ!

Passion for education - passion for Christ!

Japan - Tokyo - Yokohama, June 26, 2014

Fr. Paolo Tsuneo KAWAI, 68 years - R.I.P

First class Salesian, headmaster of Salesian school(s), excellent educator and evangelizer within the frame of Japanese high school system passed away.

Fr. Kawai was fighting with cancer already from 1998 and never gave up.

His truly Salesian life-long passion, as one of the disciples of Fr. Cimatti, for education and evangelization brought many fruits!

During long years was 100% committed to the school mission in Yokohama: religious education of students, past pupils teachers and parents (with a special care about fathers of our boys! - with monthly lecture based on Scriptures!)

Served as President of Japan Catholic School association and lecturer in prestigous Sophia University in Tokyo (Jesuits run) until his death.

Served as Provincial economer of Japan.

Shared his experience through writings, lectures and talks.

While praying for the eternal rest of Fr. Kawai, I give thanks to God for a gift of one fully alive Salesian who spent his life in one of the most difficult missionary fields, in Japan!  As we know, the most difficult is to be a missionary amongst own people.

On the Sacred Heart of Jesus feastday I pray for more East Asia - Oceania Salesians fully living their vocation and mission - and open to accompany the youngpeople on their vocation journey with patience and steadfast effort.


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