Looked upon by Jesus = Francis!

Looked upon by Jesus = Francis!

Living more than one month in Rome, near to Pope Francis, is a great gift!

The eternal city of Rome celebrates today (June 30) it's First Martyrs from the times of Nero (AD 64).

When walking yesterday again around the town :SDB general house - Basilica of St. Paul - Vatican Basilica of St. Peter and back to the SDB general house, I met just in front of the Vatican this beatiful flower decorations on the streets (infiorata) with many religious motifs. 

Yes, 2000 years of history is mixed with the dirty streets, wonderful monuments and millions of tourists or pilgrims from all around the world.

And every Sunday exactly at noon time we watch the RAI uno (1) TV with the Angelus of the Pope. His short but powerful greetings is really a gift for many. No wonder in the St.Peter's plaza there are every Sunday some 50.000 thousands people to listen to him.

Francis does often repeat certain invitations, or questions or simply some words of Jesus. But his bottom line is the Jesus-Centered-Mentality: 'I was looked upon by Jesus, with his Mercy!'

Thanks for St. Peter and Paul, the first two columns of the Church of Rome gathered from Jews and Gentiles. Thanks to their many successors! Thanks to Pope Francis who is attracting throuhg his whole hearted and simple discipleship many to the Master!

My good Lord, help me to always start again and again from this certain conviction and belief, that you are looking at me with Love and Mercy. Thanks a lot! Thank you! Merci! Gracias! Kamsahamnida!


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