100 years of VDB approaching - Hua Hin 2014

100 years of VDB approaching - Hua Hin 2014

Probably the largest ever gathering of the Volunteers of Don Bosco in their history on the Asia soil.

Thailand, Hua Hin Salesian retreat center August 9-15, 2014

Some 100+ VDB from India, Indonesia, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, China - Hong Kong and Macau, Korea, Japan are together for one week of their annual spiritual retreat, together with the World President Olga (from Slovakia) and her two centeral councilors.

Born in Valdocco Oratory of the FMA's with help of Blessed fr. Philip Rinaldi, SDB (third successor of Don Bosco) on May 20, 1917 - the VDB are preparing their centenary during next 3 years!

The Asian retreat was really a Pentecost of the Salesian secular consecration in the spirit of Don Bosco! As the fruit, i'm sharin the talk of  Olga atat the end of the Spiritual retreat (August 14) about three fidelity witness of the VDBs.



The act of our faith – God loves me and look at me! If God loves me, he is my only good.  If I’m now in this prayer of my heart, the act of faith ‘Here I’m here for you! Good Lord, I give my time to you, just I’m here! Really (as women) we perceive, that God is mad in love with us! As our boy-friend is roaming around us to catch our love! And the most excellent time and place for this hear prayer is in front of the Eucharist.  Sometimes we as consecrated people are offering some ‘bancomat-like prayers’ when we ask and keep on asking. Let’s just stay in front of God.

Even as the apostolic secular consecrated people the ‘work’ or ‘activity’ is not the most important. It’s about our trust in God! If we trust in God (like the susurro of DB before his death) we would be able do hundred times more in our life.


2.      TO BE FAITHFUL to the WORLD


It means to be and to live, work well in the world. Hence what is good for the world? We could discover this ‘good for the world’ only when we are united with God. The world of today presents so many things as good (work, money, power, honor, beauty etc.) And we are called to make a discernment in order to be good for this world (St. Paul – don’t’ become like ‘of this world’). These are the things we should accept (also in the culture and society) like human rights, beauty and cultural values, social involvement. In the same time we should reject some things like corruption, sinfulness in many ways. We could learn from Christ.

Benedict XVI (still as card. Ratzinger) – told us that the most important virtue for the next millennium is the discern the good and bad in the world. In Europe we already perceive the relativism at any corner of our life, for sure it will reach you also here (all is OK). To be in the world, does not mean to be just ‘modern’, it means to become daily more and more Saints, to continue our discernment ‘what is truly good, what should I reject



We are born at Valdocco, in the FMA Oratory. From this place God had sow us all around the world. Don Bosco was always Don Bosco everywhere – in the Oratory, in the prime minister house, in the Church – he was always Don Bosco in any life place and situation. And we try to understand the DB’s physiognomy outside ‘his ecclesial structures’. Really depends on each of us to discover: for example his optimism, his sensitivity for the family spirit everywhere, we could tell he was also a communication expert and he used all his extraordinary gifts for the benefit of the youth. But first of all his deep and great union with God in the world. As you could see, both – the fidelity to the world and to Don Bosco is on the fundament of fidelity to God.


 We are the VDB – our will is to  be open to these 3 characteristics. Majority of us are not directly working with/ for the youth. But DB is living in our hearts and we bring him to any place around the world – in our offices, between 3 of my collegaues for 8 hrs a day – how can we live it? We could be interested, attentive to their life, all with some problems, and we could enter into their ‘personal environment’ with the same sensitivity of DB. And also to be sensitive to the needs of others wherever we are – in the streets, in the work – don’t just look for your ‘good’ but for the good of the other. IF we are faithful to God, we believe that in every person Jesus Christ is living – and also DB did know it well!  We could speak about these 3 important themes all the time, the whole day. 

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