Model for each season - Martyrs and Saints!

Model for each season - Martyrs and Saints!

Each season of autumn many people in East Asia celebrate the FULL MOON FESTIVAL, on the 15th day of the eight months. This year of 2014 this FALL FESTIVAL is celebrated on September 8.

For the Church in Korea each September is a month of their Shining Witness - MARTYRS for Christ.

Yesterday i got the provincial newsletter from Korea with provincial sharing to the rectors and all confreres. It's about humility - main virtue and characteristics of all disciples of Jesus.

Admire the Saints, admire the Martyrs is easy - follow them is very demanding. However they help me to keep my eyes always fixed on Jesus! Saint Andrea Kim Tae Gon, Blessed Paul and 123 companions are the best friends on our journey. 

Really, the martyrs of Korea were very faithful followers of Jesus - they broke with their cultural bonds (social system, family ties) just to love Jesus and organize their life according Jesus's way.. and they paid for it! 

Noble people who treated their slaves as their brothers and sisters. Rich people who gave up all their riches for the sake of loving their neighbour!

Remembering in these days the Salesian Family of Korea, Vietnam and China (who celebrate this Full Moon Feast of Autumn) i give thanks for all these numerous martyrs in confucian countries who gave their LIFE WITNESS to JESUS... with their whole heart and whole life given up!


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