Don Bosco - Solomon Islands going 20 years old!

Don Bosco - Solomon Islands going  20 years old!
Don Bosco - Solomon Islands going  20 years old!


Twenty years ago first Salesians from Japan arrived to Honiara to explore the start of our first mission in this wonderful country! Next year in 1995 the first Salesian community was started. 

Two pictures (one of 1995 and one of 2014) reflects the changing SDB faces of past twenty years.

Preparing (hopefully!) the ever first visit of the Rector Major to the Solomon Islands (May 2015) we thanks God and to the founders, pioneers from Japan province and all Salesians who contributed to the growth of our educational institutions:

- GIVE THANKS for all young people who passed through the Tetere parish, Henderson Don Bosco technical school and Tetere Rural training center

- GIVE THANKS for all lay mission partners - expatriate volunteers from Italy, Australia, Philippines, PNG and many other countries who helped to develop the structures or contribute to the education - pastoral committment.

- GIVE THANKS for all FMA sisters

- GIVE THANKS for the first Solomon Islands aspirants, Br. Jefferson (now in Manila)

- GIVE THANKS for all benefactors who helps us to carry on this mission in past 20 years (from Japan, Europe, Italy, Australia and many other countries...)

Remains one good question - what might be the best gifts to offer to Don Bosco for his 200th Birthday, especially in the presence of the 10th successor of Don Bosco next May 2015?




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